BusinessThese Five Fundamentals Make for a Great HR Team

These Five Fundamentals Make for a Great HR Team

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In many cases, the human resources department (otherwise known as HR) is the lynchpin of a well-organized company with a happy, productive workforce. HR can boost team morale, keep tabs on employee budgeting, intervene should conflict arise, and streamline processes — greatly improving performance.

For these reasons alone, building and fostering an expert HR team is essential. Here are some tips to gauge the strength of your current team and some ways to strengthen their impact moving forward.

1. Internal Engagement Is High

One mark of a well-functioning HR department is strong employee engagement. Engaged team members work harder, care more about outcomes, and are likelier to stick around for the long haul. Unfortunately, only 36% of employees in the United States report feeling engaged with their position and their work.

This can be improved, however! In the same survey, 85% of employees said that they felt most motivated when internal communications were crafted effectively.

2. Employees Are the Focal Point

Your HR team is likely doing its job if your company enjoys a low level of truancy and consistently positive reviews from employees (and especially those covering workplace culture).Every employee should feel seen, valued, and respected. 

Companies must demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion by taking a proactive approach to day-to-day operations. This includes measures like providing training materials for different learning styles, and investing in tools that make the workplace accessible — like bars in washrooms and accessible parking spaces.

Likewise, all employees should be considered in the event of an emergency. Companies can do this by procuring tools like Evacuscape evacuation chairs — which allow for the safe evacuation of people with mobility issues in case of an emergency. By doing so, your HR department actively shows that they care about everyone on your team and that you hold their comfort and safety in high regard.

3. Applications Reflect Positivity

One clear mark of a happy, harmonious workspace is team members applying for internal roles that promise upward mobility. Another is incoming applications from friends, former coworkers, and other acquaintances of current employees. Positive word of mouth indicates employee satisfaction and a rewarding, rather than toxic, workspace.

4. Skill Development Is Encouraged

Another telltale sign of a fantastic HR team is the ongoing opportunity for skill development offered to your team. Skill development (and other educational and training opportunities) can prepare employees for different positions and encourage them to grow in their current roles. It can also help increase employee retention and the ability to attract new talent.

5. Decisions Are Backed by Available Data

Your HR team should have up-to-date, real-time data that directly supports their processes and decisions. Data on staff vacations and sick days, qualitative data on staff satisfaction, and statistics on employee turnover should be readily available.

Data allows your HR department to grow and flourish. It will enable them to justify changes and expenses based on evidence instead of instinct.

The Takeaway

A strong HR team can improve your company image, help you to retain top talent and boost team performance. Why not consider how you can improve your human resources team today?

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