BlogThe Ultimate Guide To Packing Items Appropriately For Cold Transport

The Ultimate Guide To Packing Items Appropriately For Cold Transport

Cold transport is the most efficient and effective way to move goods from one location to another. It’s not just fresh foods that need to be kept chilled. Flowers, medications, and even some electronic components need to be temperature controlled during transit. You can easily find containers for rent and they are affordable if you consider other costs.

It’s vital to ensure they arrive at their destination in good condition and are still fit for their described purpose. 

But, it’s not just enough to hire the best-refrigerated couriers in the business, a critical part of getting your product to its destination safely is to pack the item properly. When done properly the coolness of the transport can permutate the box and ensure everything inside stays cool. If you don’t get it right then it’s possible the centre of the package can be a different temperature from the outer edges, which could be disastrous. 

Choose Your Packaging

Your packaging is made up of three distinct sections:

  1. The Coolant

Although your items are going via refrigerated transport, you still need a way to keep the contents cool. This is often achieved by using ice sheets or a gel pack. The purpose of these is to help cool the items inside the package and keep them cool even if the package is sat on a loading dock, or in a broken-down transport. 

  1. Insulation

To complement the coolant you need a good layer of insulation. It’s usually best to invest in genuine products, such as the foil-lined bubblewrap. This helps to keep your items cool by reflecting the coolant into the box and preventing heat from entering.  

  1. Outer Container

Of course, you also need an outer box to hold everything together. The box should be made of cardboard and be not much bigger than the contents. This ensures the items can’t move around and get damaged. It also helps to avoid air pockets which can influence the temperature inside the package.

Packing Process

The first step in packing should always be to select the right box and place it on a flat surface. You can then line the box with your chosen insulation to ensure it covers all the inside of the box.

It is then possible to add the item or items you’re sending into the box and place your chosen coolant around it. You should note that cold air sinks. If you’re using a frozen coolant then put it inside at the top of the package, it will help the items stay cool.

Ideally, this will take all the space you have in the box. But, if there are gaps you should add a neutral packing material. Styrofoam is a popular choice but there are cellulose-based alternatives that are better for the environment. 

Don’t forget to seal the box properly and then add the relevant labels, including one that advises everyone that the item is chilled and needs to be kept that way. 

This, and choosing a reputable transport company, will ensure your products remain in perfect condition while in transit. 

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