EntertainmentThe Tranquil Luminescence of Stella Webb’s Cowgirl, Blue

The Tranquil Luminescence of Stella Webb’s Cowgirl, Blue

  If you haven’t heard of singer/songwriter Stella Webb yet, you soon will. The music of this UK artist has enchanted legions of fans, among them is noted producer Kris Roggemann who has worked with The Who’s Pete Townshend, Twentieth Century Fox’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and the Cannes Golden Lion Award–winning film “Dream” (featuring Natalie Bergman, Ryan Merchant, Keenan O’Meara & Tal Altman). Stella’s deeply sincere vocal style and introspective lyrics are the modern-day embodiment of the great 70’s artists who endure and cross-genre borders. That’s not to say there’s any element of her music that is derivative; Stella Webb’s musical personality is complex while her delivery is classically direct. Her debut release “Cowgirl, Blue” is a collection of deeply personal songs which relate a Londoner’s experiences filtered through a Southern California lens. Inspired by her aunt who toured singing with the likes of George Harrison, Tina Turner, The Police, and others, Stella’s own talent exhibits elements of both nature and nurture cultivating greatness. 

  Listening to Stella Webb offers hints of influences such as Rufus Wainwright, Joni Mitchell, Dolly Parton, and Radiohead. Her vocal personality and songwriting intersect in a subgroup that can only be categorized as “pure artistry.” It’s evident that Ms. Webb is compelled to write only for herself and has great admiration for those who have similarly paved their own creative path. Songwriting is as much a form of self-care as an artistic endeavor for Stella who divulges, “I definitely write from a place of wanting to explore my own emotions, as catharsis. I have a hard time expressing things in speech so I think it has to come out somehow. I would love it if people could find something relatable in my lyrics. Loneliness is this totally common human feeling but for whatever reasons we find it tough to articulate. I think when you create art that is truthful and comes from real experience, people will recognize that when they hear it. If at least one person listens to these songs and can relate, then I will feel like I have done my job as an Artist/Writer.”

  The pure essence of “Cowgirl, Blue” is that of a young woman, aware of past trials and striving to ground herself and her emotional perspective within a world known to be fraught with uncertainty. Even at its most melancholy, these songs explore what positive outcome might be achieved. “Cowgirl, Blue” laments, ponders, forgives, and even celebrates. “Cotton Candy Sky” is a romantic touchstone to love of previous times, and was coproduced by Stella and Lorenzo Taddei. Songs like “Crows in Koreatown” and “City of Angels” communicate the yearning that can only come when one is an ocean away from home and everything familiar. With “Earthquake Season” Webb has connected a traumatic experience with the unpredictable nature of tectonic shifts. She reveals, “It took me a long time to realize what had actually happened to me. I still carry around this feeling that something bad could happen at any moment, kind of like an earthquake, which can happen without any warning. I think a lot of women walk around with that feeling, like their safety is constantly in jeopardy. I produced this song by myself and I am so proud of it.” While many of the songs differ from the subtle sweetness found in Stella’s performance for GoFundMe’s “Garden Song” campaign (produced by the aforementioned Kris Roggemann), they are infused with intoxicating dark complexity. This elevates the intrigue any casual listeners of “Garden Song” felt in regards to what Stella wields as a songwriter. “Cowgirl, Blue” displays a young artist of immense depth with a beckoning lush vocal quality. Stella simply views this EP as an opportunity to create a conduit with audiences and exist in a place she loves, the stage. She remarks, “I love performing. I haven’t done it in a while but I’m excited to perform these songs and get those skills fired up again. It feels like you can really convey the original sentiment of the songs better somehow. It’s a fantastic way to connect with an audience and there really is nothing quite like live music. I love playing with other musicians, it’s so fun to play with friends and connect over a shared love of music.”

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