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The Top Reasons for Burnt Taste While Vaping and Fixes

Vaping is a popular trend among many people, particularly those attempting to quit smoking. As a member of the vaping community, knowing a little bit about vaping is essential, especially for those who intend to use the device for an extended period.

There are some aspects that you may encounter while vaping, especially if you are new to this leisure. One of the most basic ones is a burnt-tasting vape. This simply means experiencing a burnt taste while vaping because a dry wick is in contact with the coil. This might be uncomfortable for many at first, but as time goes on, you will learn how to fix it. 

With that in mind, let's look at some of the top reasons for burnt taste while vaping and fixes. 

Reasons For Burnt Taste While Vaping 

There are several reasons for a burnt taste while vaping. Below are some of them. 

·   You are not filling your tank – Not everyone is responsible enough to know that their tank is empty. As a result, it's best if you make it a habit to always check to see if your e-liquid is full. When you vape with an empty tank, you will notice a burnt taste. 

·   You are most likely using the wrong vape juice – One of the first things to learn about vaping is that VG means vegetable glycerin, PG is propylene glycol, and 50/50 is a mixture of both VG and PG. Now, every vape device has been designed to hold different vape juices. You might be using a VG vape, and without knowing, you add a PG juice to it. You will certainly experience a burnt taste while vaping. Therefore, find out more about your device before choosing a vape juice. 

·   Your coils had not been fully prepared – Vaping is all-around cautious undertaking. One of the factors that will promote this is checking whether your coil is fully prepared. In this case, wet the dry cotton with vape juice. This will prevent vape burnt taste since wet cotton cannot burn. 

·   You are vaping at high power – The wattage is something that should be checked from time to time. Most vaping devices have been designed to control the flow of power to avoid instances of burning. Others give the user the authority to control the power, which might be beneficial for advanced vapors. However, if not taken seriously, you might burn your vape juice, causing a vape burning taste.

·   You vape too regularly – As there are chain smokers, there are chain vapers. Using one vape, in this case, can take a toll on the coil and wick, which can lead to burnt taste. If this is your case, you are likely to have these problems more often.

Fixes For Burnt Taste While Vaping 

There are a lot of things that you may do to avoid a burnt taste while vaping. Here are the topmost. 

·   Refill your tank more often – It's true to say that an empty vape tank won't provide you with the best vaping experience. It is will cause your wick to burn and the taste will head directly into your pallet. Refill your tank frequently to prevent a burnt taste while vaping. It also prevents your coil from burning or the risk of explosion.

·   Prime your coil – Are you searching on how to fix burnt coil vape? You can do this by simply priming your coil. This allows your coil to fully suck in the vape juice, hence preventing your wick from burning. 

·   Allow your vaping device to rest for a while before using it – Constantly using your vaping device may cause serious damage to your wick and the coil. It increases the chances of burning the wick and having a burnt taste during vaping. To avoid this, let your vape rest for at least one minute or more before using it again. Better still, you may want to have another vape device to alternate their use.

·   Buy original and legit devices – A burnt taste in your mouth will spoil a vaping experience. You should avoid this by all means. One of the best solutions is to buy legit vape devices that are made with high precision. They rarely have such problems when used in the right way.

·   Store your vape pen properly – Most manufacturers recommend storing the vape pen refilled and in upright position. This ensures that the wick is always wet and will not burn when you use it in a hurry. It is better to check the advice from the manufacturer to avoid a burnt taste in your mouth while vaping.


Vaping is an excellent method for quitting smoking. To enjoy everything that comes with it, it's best if you take some precautions and make sure you are avoiding burnt taste from vape. The preceding article discusses some of the factors to consider for the best experience.

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