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The International Relatability of Blossoms All the Way with Series Producer Yuqi An

  Yuqi An is well versed in running large productions. As co-producer on a number of popular television series which have aired on China’s largest and most respected platform CCTV, Ms. An is known throughout the industry for her ability to facilitate the manifestation of epic stories by a large cast and crew. The reach of CCTV dwarfs that of the leading American network, reaching more than one-thousand times the leading U.S. network. Everything about Yuqi’s professional life is big. She thrives on the intensity and creativity rather than shirking from it. It takes a certain kind of mindset and temperament to guide large groups of creative professionals in the industry; Yuqi An continually proves herself to be that person, both practically minded yet imaginative. She most recently served as co-producer of the hit television mini-series Blossoms All the Way, spending nearly three years on this project. Yuqi confirms that the story and the production team were quite sizable, and exactly the kind of challenge she enjoys 

  Fans of Blossoms All the Way are attracted to the show for its depiction of the simple parts of life such as love, family, and friends. This comes at the cost of great complexity for those who create this popular television series. Blossoms All the Way is its own world with a location and population the size of a town. Filmed in Pingyin County (Jinan City, Shandong Province), the three hundred crew members of this series (not including cast) became a village unto itself. Yuqi notes that the housing situation for a team this size is always formidable and this one in particular came with some unique impediments. She relates, “Pingyin itself is not that large and doesn’t possess big hotels. I was forced to break up the crew and disperse everyone to live between eight hotels. These were scattered throughout the county. I arranged it so that the departments which needed to be in close contact with the director and those that spend longer hours on set would stay in the hotel closest to the set. The lighting team and the scenery team lived relatively far away. Also, during our shoot was the time of national examinations in mainland China: the college entrance examination. Before these examinations, seventy or eighty people from the supervisory team and juvenile teacher team sent by the Shandong Provincial Education Commission came to live in the hotel closest to the shooting location for five days, which meant we have to move out. This type of government-arranged accommodation occurred six times during the three months of our filming. It was quite the unexpected headache but anything is possible to be thrown on your plate when you’re a producer and you have to find the solution.”

  Blossoms All the Way won the “Excellent Drama Award” of Qilu Channel of Shandong Radio and Television Station in 2020. The characters and their journeys have become part of the positive boost that so many people needed during the pandemic. Every country and every community had their version of this, a television series which takes you to a place where things are more carefree or at the very least, takes you away from your own cares for a little while. Yuqi An doesn’t often get to visit such a tranquil state; she’s made a compromise with the fact that this allows her a successful career in an industry that values her creativity and talent. She confesses, “As a producer, my workflow may seem repetitive but everything and every problem I encounter offers some new challenge. It forces me to get creative each time a solution is needed. If my phone rings in the middle of the night, it means something important went wrong. In my line of work, you learn to accept being comfortable with the uncomfortable. Every time I cooperate with other teams during a shoot it becomes hard to know everyone on such a large crew. Every time I join the group, I have to face at least one or two hundred strangers who have never worked with me before. It’s not a skill you are born with but you can get really good at it if you are focused on working with others to create something truly special.”

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