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The Founder of Christianity

If you are searching for the answer to the question, “Who is the Founder of Christianity?” Then the simplest answer is Jesus Christ. However, it is also believed that Christianity, as a religion, was founded by Paul when he shared the words of God with his doctrines.

However, it is also said that he was controlled by the holy spirit at the time of writing. So, we can say directly or indirectly, the founder of Christianity is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was a Jewish teacher, inspiration, and healer.

It is believed that Christian God existed centuries before Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ was the son of God, who came to the Earth to spread the message of God and show them the path of salvation.

And modern Christianity believes only in Jesus, as the true founder of Christianity.

Talking about the history of Christianity, the roots of this religion traced to the Hebrew culture. The new form of Christianity (modern Christianity) starts after the birth of Jesus Christ.

However, the message is the same; he showed the true path of salvation by sacrificing his life. His main message was that “no people can save their soul without having faith in him and accepting him as their savior.”

He teaches people to love, be kind, and be helpful to others. According to him, human is sinful by nature, and no good deeds are enough to get salvation. So, the only way to salvation is himself. There is still a cold war between different people on the topic of who is the founder of Christianity. Some believe Paul while rest believe Jesus Christ.

Who is the Founder of Christianity?

There is still a debate on the foundation of the religion, Christianity. We have read above that how Jesus Christ can be called the founder of Christianity. But some people believed that Paul was the true founder of Christianity.

And the reason behind this is that he was one of the earliest disciples of Jesus and contributed significantly to the development of Christians doctrines. He conveyed God’s initial message to the people, and his work and messages impacted several churches. Therefore, people consider him as a true and sole founder of the religion Christianity. So, Paul, as well as Jesus Christ, can be regarded as the founder of Christianity. It depends on what you believe and whom you believe.

Hence, this was the answer to the question, ” Who found Christianity.” I hope this article will help you. So what do you think who is the founder of the Christianity religion? If you know, let us know in the comment section.

Above, we have shared all the information on who is the founder of Christianity. We have also listed the reasons why different people have different opinions on the same topic.

Note That: The purpose of this article is only to only share the information. We are neither promoting nor disrespecting any religion. The information shared in this article is a result of the research performed by our team. It can also be correct as well as incorrect as we are sharing what we found.

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