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The Documents You Need to Have Before Starting a Roofing Project


Starting a roofing project is an essential investment for anyone who owns a home. Therefore, ensuring everything is in place before you begin your project is vital. Being prepared to start your project in any of the states in America entails having all the necessary documents at your disposal. The authorities in Illinois can only allow people to create a roofing business with these documents.

Illinois is located in the Midwestern region of the US, and as of 2020, its population was 12 million. It is ranked the sixth most populated state in the US, and anyone who intends to start a roofing project in this state must have Illinois roofers insurance documents.

The documents will help your project comply with local building codes and regulations. In addition, it will create an avenue for your peace of mind with the surety that your investment is protected. In this article, we will discuss the critical documents that every homeowner should avail of to ensure their roofing project is successful and free of stress. Let’s begin.

Scope of the work or a Written Contract

A written roofing contract should explain and define the roofer's work, the required labor, and the materials needed to finish the job. If the homeowner demands a complete roofing system, the contract should give specifications regarding the equipment for installation.

Ensure that you read the scope of the work carefully and ask any questions you may have before putting any signatory to the document.

Building permit

A building inspector may stop by and demand your building permit. Failure to have the license may lead to halting your job or even incurring fines for not acquiring a building permit. Depending on your state, get a building permit before commencing any roofing project. Make efforts to inquire from your local government whether your roofing project needs a permit.


The contractors should describe the warranty they offer in detail. The information should include the duration of the warranty and explain the limitations of the warranty, if any. 

The contractor should clarify in the contract the limitations of the warranties that cover materials in the event of a defect. As is often the case, warranties provide peace of mind that your roofing project is covered for any defects. Have a copy of the proof in writing.

Labor estimates and required materials

A roofing contractor should give a detailed estimate of the materials and labor services cost. In addition, the fees that were used to acquire a permit and the disposal and cleanup costs must be adequately addressed.

The contractor should include the specific names of the products and give more information regarding the manufacturer's warranties for those products.

Payment Schedule

Take the necessary measures to include the payment schedule in the contract and make it reasonable. Take the approach of making the payments in installments throughout the project and making the final payment after the project. Note that the sum of the deposits and payments made in the project process should be at most 75% of the job.

Insurance document

Your contractor needs insurance coverage to cover any damages or incidents that may occur during roofing. Demand proof of insurance from your contractor and confirm if the policy is valid and provides the necessary coverage. 

The majority of the contracts stipulate a minimum amount of liability coverage required to perform a roofing project. Municipalities may also want proof of insurance before commencing work to comply with the city's regulations.

A document explaining product information

If you want to replace your roof, it is essential to have product information regarding the new roofing materials required. The information should include the durability of the product, its expected life span, and the requirements needed to maintain it.

In conclusion, having all the necessary documents before commencing any roofing project is essential. Using your valuable time to prepare these documents and review them carefully will guarantee the success of your project and achieve the best possible outcome.

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