KitchenSustainable Coffee Packaging Design To Blow Your Customers Away

Sustainable Coffee Packaging Design To Blow Your Customers Away

If you bring coffee to market, you know that great care goes into the process from start to finish. It begins with using the right location to grow coffee, moves forward with choosing the optimal beans and continues to smart harvesting techniques. Near the end of the process, packaging takes center stage. Making the best choices for custom coffee bags can lead to a variety of important benefits for your company, your customers and the planet.

Choosing the Right Container for Your Coffee

The best packaging for tea and coffee has many crucial elements. Coffee packaging bags and tea pouches must maintain freshness. The last thing you want is customers getting an inferior version of your excellent product. The next priority involves making your product look good on the shelf and the computer screen as you differentiate your brand from others.

Going with generic bags and hand-applied labels can put your product at a disadvantage in the marketplace. Custom bags allow for the vibrant colors and high-definition graphics that come with advanced digital printing technologies. Many other benefits come with custom coffee and tea bags:

  • A variety of premium packaging options and sizes
  • A higher level of consistency and quality
  • More real estate to print a compelling message
  • Innovative features such as a degassing valve for enhanced freshness

Because coffee still gives off carbon dioxide after roasting, a degassing valve allows the gas to escape without impacting product freshness. It ensures a long shelf and satisfied customers. Resealable zippers and high-barrier films also enhance the freshness equation.

Many of the same requirements exist for custom packaging for frozen foods. For best results and increased customer satisfaction, the packaging should have these important qualities: easy to fill and seal, convenient to store, durable, moisture-resistant and FDA-compliant. 

Creating Interactive Experiences With Your Customers

Innovative flexible packaging can create more space to tell a compelling story about your product. Perhaps workers grow your coffee in an area with a climate ideal for the best coffee. Or maybe your tea comes from a rare blend of leaves that imparts a distinctive taste. Perhaps your food comes from a family farm in operation through many generations. Telling your story on the packaging creates brand recognition and loyalty and adds value for your customers.

Another opportunity comes in the arena of custom sachet packaging. This field lends itself to unique and convenient packaging that imparts a premium look and feel to the product. Single-serve sachet packaging allows customers to try out a new product or to use it for travelling. Frequent travelers appreciate high barrier and puncture-resistant containers for these products.

Enhanced customization of sachet packaging allows for roll stock packaging that is recyclable, compostable and vegan. Your company can also choose from a variety of finishes such as matte, soft-touch, gloss and spot embellishment. All of this makes the product eminently functional and appealing on the shelf.

The right packaging will attract the attention of customers, and in a good way. Custom packaging helps you connect with your customers on many levels.

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