AutoSuspension Break Down: How Suspension Improves Performance

Suspension Break Down: How Suspension Improves Performance

Exploring undiscovered territory is one of the best parts of owning a Jeep. Whether you want to enjoy a day traversing through muddy tundra or go rock climbing up a mountainside, you need the equipment to make sure you can tackle tough ground. One of the first upgrades you can make to prepare for off-roading is the installation of a custom suspension kit. There are many different kits on the market, including Fox suspension kits, which offer a selection of custom-designed shocks suited to a range of off-road applications. Enjoy a better quality ride and a more comfortable off-roading experience.

Clearance & Ride Comfort

One of the most important features that an upgraded suspension can offer is increased clearance between the ground and your vehicle’s undercarriage. This can be done if you choose an option like the Pro Comp suspension and add spacers to your coil springs. Coil spring spacers work by boosting the spring pad’s height and thereby providing additional lift. This can provide your Jeep or truck with several extra inches of lift, making your off-road experience safer and more enjoyable. Even just a minor lift in clearance can help keep your undercarriage protected from protrusions in the terrain that often emerge in off-road conditions.

Fine tuning your vehicle’s suspension can also create a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. You can achieve this effect by installing dampers and springs that offer greater flexibility. This allows the frame of your truck or Jeep to absorb any bumps in an uneven surface. If you plan on off-roading for extended periods of time, this can be an advantage. Nobody wants to come home after a day of fun and feel like they need to visit a chiropractor. You can protect your car and your comfort with a customized suspension kit.

Tuned Suspension for Optimal Performance

For drivers who care more about capability than comfort, a suspension can be used to improve this element, too. There are several essential parts you can replace in order to improve performance and achieve all of your off-roading dreams. Your suspension’s coilovers are one of these parts. Coilovers protect a Jeep’s chassis and prevent bottoming out while also offering support to the wheels and minimizing body roll. King coilovers are designed to offer a direct fit and are priced to fit into any budget. Extensive testing in off-road environments ensures that you can be confident in these coilovers and the performance they offer.

Coilovers are also a great option if you only want to upgrade part of your suspension rather than investing in an entire kit. Much of the vehicle control that your suspension offers is determined by your coilovers. You can enjoy a greater degree of control when navigating by installing this part. In order to do so, you need to slide the coil spring over each of the shocks in your suspension system. It’s important to perform an alignment after coilover installation or invest in a professional alignment.

Find the right parts for your Jeep or truck with a suspension upgrade.

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