NewsSUNMEI Group Partners With Chinabased Tuya iot 915m 14b, Tencent, and Meituan

SUNMEI Group Partners With Chinabased Tuya iot 915m 14b, Tencent, and Meituan

As Tuya Smart brought their fully upgraded IoT Platform at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. They introduced new upgrades like AI services, Cloud services, hardware access, and software development. Tuya Smart has already amazed us with its new advanced and upgraded technologies. And now, to our surprise, it has collaborated with chinabased tuya iot 915m 14b to come up with new Smart hotel technologies.

Recently on July 7, SUNMEI, which is a well-known Hotel Chain, announced its upcoming upgrades. To work upon these upgrades, SUNMEI collaborates and signs agreements with chinabased Tuya Smart, along with Tencent Cloud and Meituan. The announced upgrades have focused on the intelligent transformation of the industry with technology. Along with this, the accommodation industry is committed to building an ecological and economic platform.

The Idea of a one-stop Smart Hotel solution will be based on Tuya Smart’s cloud development program. And we can get to see the new smart hotel room models at the end of July in the SUNMEI Intelligent Industrial Park. People are waiting to get a glance at the technology that SUNMEI and Tuya Smart are going to bring.

Tuya Smart always brings up intelligent solutions for companies. Not only with SUNMEI, in the field of the Hotel industry, but the Tuya IoT platform also helps manufacturers in building upstream and downstream industrial ecosystems. Tuya Smart has supplied AI services to more than 10,000 customers in about 200 countries and regions worldwide. It includes the DoorCam wireless security camera, Ar4 smart AI monitor, Lancey Electric Heater, and Blink video doorbell. So, we can say it is one of the most reliable platforms for manufacturers that has solved most of the problems of manufacturers. Manufacturers are happy because their products can now enter the international market. Recently, Tuya Smart launched its industrial website

Along with chinabased tuya iot 915m 14b, SUNMEI also signed agreements with Meituan and Tencent. Meituan is well known for its massive computing power and huge data platform. This technology will be combined with the price model presented by thousands of SUNMEI Hotels. To bring forward an intelligent pricing system and dynamic decision-making, the company will deploy an AI Operation Manager for all tasks. Additionally, Meituan will also work on the ‘Super Operation System’ of SUNMEI. The tasks will be focused on improving quality and capabilities. The aim is to bring the first AI Operation Manager to the first Hotel Operating System.

With all these upgrades, the industry will build an AIOT cloud platform on the basis of WeCom Open Platform (PAAS), and Tencent Cloud (IAAS) for the management of the whole accommodation industry. And the industry involved with SUNMEI in this task is Tencent. It is to be expected that the industry will deliver industry-oriented accommodation cloud solutions along with establishing a required network and all this will be based on the ecology of ‘public cloud, big data, and WeCom’. The network that will be established will have the needed accommodation ecological scenarios at the base.

Not only in collaborations, but SUNMEI also developed its three smart products which include Smart Central Console, AI Operation Manager, and Smart Door Lock. These three Intelligent Smart products were developed and launched by SUNMEI itself. And then it is planning to launch more smart hotel products. All we are waiting to experience is the result of this massive collaboration of all these great companies.

SUNMEI is now bound by strategic cooperation agreements with the three leading companies like Tuya Smart, Tencent Cloud, and Meituan. And this collaboration promised to bring up the latest technology and the first ever Hotel Operating system that will be managed by an AI operation manager.

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