AutoStay Safe: Driving Tips on How to Avoid a Semi-Truck Accident

Stay Safe: Driving Tips on How to Avoid a Semi-Truck Accident

Truck drivers have some obligations that they need to handle as professionals and when sharing the road with others. These vehicles are large and powerful and can cause a lot of damage if they’re involved in a wreck. 

There were nearly 6,000 fatal semi-truck accidents in 2021. A commercial vehicle accident is the last thing you want if this is your line of work. Thankfully, you can avoid these issues in many cases as long as you follow some helpful tips. 

Start here so you can learn more about avoiding getting into a semi truck accident at all costs. 

Take Frequent Breaks

Fatigue is the worst thing to have when you’re driving a truck that weighs thousands of pounds. This is why the Department of Transportation (DOT) has mandatory breaks that truck drivers must observe. 

Take these rules seriously, and don’t hesitate to pull off at a hotel and get some rest when you need it, rather than just observing the minimum required breaks. You will get back on the road refreshed and ready to work, and less likely to get into a semi accident. 

Maintain Your Vehicle

A semi truck crash is also more likely if you have equipment that doesn’t work correctly. Get the help of professionals that can inspect, maintain, and repair your truck frequently. 

They will take care of the engine to make sure that it is properly lubricated and that all belts are tightened. Change tires whenever you need to, keep the brakes maintained impeccably, and have the transmission looked at. These vehicles carry heavy loads so you can’t afford to have any of your parts out of sorts while you’re hitting the road. 

Constantly Train and Improve

You will also be less likely to get into an 18 wheeler crash when you’re well-trained. Always seek to improve your competency as a truck driver and get continued education whenever you can. 

Enroll in a training school to add new skills to your toolkit, and make sure that you’re regularly working on any areas of weakness. 

Find the help of a truck accident lawyer that can represent you if you do ever happen to get into a wreck. This, along with adequate insurance, will help you bounce back if you’re ever involved in an accident. 

Observe the Speed Limit and Stay Alert

Finally, you can always do your best to avoid a truck wreck by simply maintaining a reasonable speed and obeying traffic laws. Failing to do these can leave you more likely to get into a crash with other vehicles — especially when there’s inclement weather or low visibility. 

Stay alert when you drive and make sure that you never handle your phone. Keep your eyes on the road and always anticipate the actions of other drivers. 

How to Avoid a Semi Truck Accident

If you’d like to stay free of semi truck accident problems, the tips above will help you out. These accidents can be perilous, so do your best to avoid them at all costs. 

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