PC Unable to Extend C Drive in Windows 11

[Solved] Unable to Extend C Drive in Windows 11

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If you have a PC or laptop just upgrade to Windows 11, you may see a low disk space warning if you do not have enough capacity to save new files and applications. In this case, you may want to explore expanding the partition to better manage your data. Microsoft has included an “Extend Volume” tool to the built-in Disk Management application to help with this.

It implies you may utilize the Disk Management option in Windows 11 to expand a partition. This program is commonly used to manage disk partitions. However, many users may be dismayed to see the option to Extend Volume greyed out in Windows 11.

Why is the extend volume not enabled in Windows 11?

When the system drive in Windows 11 is completely full, you can relocate or transfer your files and applications to free up some disk space. It may be expanded with unallocated space on the hard disk. But here’s the thing. The “Extend Volume” option in the Disk Management tool is only accessible when adjacent unallocated space in the volume to be extended is available. As a result, the option to enlarge volume was greyed off in Windows 11 for the following reasons:

◤ 1. The hard drive partition you wish to extend does not use the NTFS file system. Because when there is a RAW or NTFS partition, Microsoft only activates the Extend Volume option in the Disk Management.

◤ 2. There is no unallocated contiguous space on the right of the primary partition that you want to extend.

◤ 3. When there is no unallocated space on dynamic drives.

So, if you insist to use Disk Management to extend your C drive, then you’ll have to delete the drive next to the C drive.

How to fix extend volume greyed out windows 11

Thus, to avoid deleting your data and quickly extend the C drive space, we sincerely recommend you try AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. It is a disk and partition management tool designed for Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7/XP users. With this software, you don’t need to delete any data on your disk for resizing your C drive, because this tool has more than one way for you to save your C drive. Let’s see more!

Method 1. If there’s a nonadjacent unallocated space on your disk

If your disk has unallocated space, even if it is not contiguous to the C drive, you may use this tool’s “Merge Partitions” feature to add this space straight to the C drive.

Step 1. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right-click the partition you want to add the unallocated space to and then choose “Merge Partitions”.


Step 2. Select the unallocated space on the same disk, and then click “OK”.


Step 3. In the new window, the size of the partition has been increased. To operate, please click “Apply”.


Method 2. Allocate free space from another drive

If there’s no unallocated space on the disk, this tool can also help you.

Step 1. Run AOMEI Partition Assistant, right-click a drive with much free space.


Step 2. In the new window, you can specify the space size and target partition. If it’s C drive, you need to select C drive from the given list, and click “OK”.


Step 3. Click “Proceed” and “Apply” to execute.


Tip: As you see, the tool also has various utilities for you to manage your PC. If you need, you can migrate OS, clone disk/partition, or convert to GPT/MBR, etc.

To sum up

That’s all there is to it for resolving to expand volume greyed off windows 11. All of the solutions listed above will assist you in resolving the greyed-out Extend Volume problem. However, if you are seeking for a dependable and efficient solution, go no further than AOMEI Partition Assistant. You won’t have to eliminate any partitions if you don’t have enough allotted space. Furthermore, when utilizing this secure solution, your data will be protected from loss.

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