GadgetSHURE AONIC 215 Gen 2: The Game Changer in Outdoor Sports Activities

SHURE AONIC 215 Gen 2: The Game Changer in Outdoor Sports Activities

If you are fun of going to the gym and doing your workout, then the Shure AONIC 215 Gen 2 is perfect for you. With the reputation of the maker SHURE, the highest expectation to the product can be seen.

This is unlike any other average true wireless earbuds. Compared to other true wireless earbuds that are single unit, the AONIC 215 is not. The Shure AONIC 215 is just basically the Shure SE215 earbuds only attached to an adapter. A lazy design to be considered but not a bad thing to look at. If you are already a SHURE earphones user, you already know what to get. In terms of quality, durability, and the ability of the earphones to deliver the expectations every user wanted to experience. 

There are some things that not all users find enjoyable just like the case of the earphones. The earphones is enclosed on a zipper locked type of case. Some might find it inconvenient compared to the case of Airpods which can be locked using the magnets and springs. But if based on the purpose of carrying the ear pod the design of the case is very secure as it can surely withstand the effects of dropping and can surely protect the device inside.

Also, if you already have the Shure MMCX connectors, the Shure AONIC 215’s ear buds can be connected to different connectors. A clever design indeed made by Shure. The interchangeable design of the earpieces is also a clever idea done by the company. This makes the AONIC 215 Gen 2 become unique to other Shure headphones made. On the other side, the earbuds have a very comfortable design, giving its users comfort in every step of the way. The hook design of the earbuds makes the users feel confident if they are using the product in an active space. The design of the earbuds and the adapters are well planned. This makes the earbuds to not cause ear fatigue if being used for long hours. Also, the headphones come with different types of buds, silicone and foam so the users can choose what to use depending on the comfort that they wanted to feel.

In terms of Bluetooth, the AONIC 215 is equipped with high quality Bluetooth codecs. It supports AAC and aptX. This will help the users appreciate high-quality of wireless playback. This supports the connection to both iOS and Android. The Bluetooth of the AONIC 215 is version 5.0. This gives a stable connection to the devices being paired with. When it comes to disconnections, there might be a very slow chances of experiencing such events. There are no audio lags when watching videos and listening to music, hence, a friend to those users who likes to watch Netflix on their phones.

Things you need to know that prove how great of a gear supply Shure AONIC 215 can be .

Battery Life.

The battery life of the AONIC 215 is 7 hours long if used continuedly in full volume. The battery will reach the eight-hour playtime measurement of Shure if the users will listen to lower volumes. The AONIC 215 case is charged via USB type C charger. This gives you a faster charging rate compared to other types of EarPods.


The microphone is good enough for a call. If you are the one using with skype or always on call, then this EarPods is not for you as this won’t really give you a very high-quality voice because of the reason that True Wireless headphones are not designed for that kind of work.

Blocking out noise.

The blocking of outside noise performance of the AONIC 215 is very good. The downside of this is the performance depends on what type of tip are the users using at that moment. The AONIC 215 can block out high-frequency sounds and can be heard as half as loud. The earphones also have the Environment mode, this will let the sound of the surroundings slightly get into your ear if you wanted to feel your surroundings. As I look at it, this is an additional safety mode if you are using this Earphones while running on the road.

Sound Quality.

When it comes to sound quality, given that the maker of the AONIC 215’s reputation. The users can expect a very high quality when it comes to sound quality. When it comes to high notes, the AONIC 215 can’t catch the sound, however, the low’s and the mid’s are well captured. The AONIC 215 is surely a music artist friend as this give the feeling of how the artist wants to hear the sound that the instruments produced. This is also good for video editing as the latency is less compared to other Earbuds around.

In totality, the Shure AONIC 215 gen 2 headphones are a good to go if the users wanted to have a good quality of sound, a comfortable gym EarPods, and the best gear supply that you can carry all around with you when you are working out. 

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