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Services That Local Solicitors Can Provide

If you need some legal help over a certain issue, you might not know what sort of solicitors to go to. Fortunately, local solicitors are capable of covering a wide variety of areas, and this guide will show you just how a solicitor’s office near you may be able to help with what you need. To give you an idea of what kind of specialism you may need, here is a list of the services they can provide.

Mental Health and Mental Capacity

Mental health and mental capacity solicitors can help you with all aspects of Mental Health Law, this includes patients that are being held in hospital under criminal sections of the Mental Health Act.

In most cases, when someone is treated in a hospital or other type of mental health facility, they are there voluntarily (referred to as a voluntary patient). However, there may be circumstances where a person is detained, also referred to as sectioned, under the Mental Health Act (1983). This means that the person is being treated without agreeing to the treatment. 

This is done because the person needs urgent treatment for a mental health disorder and are at risk of harming themselves or other people because of the mental health disorder.

In these cases, you can seek a solicitor to advise you on aftercare, following a family member being discharged from the hospital after being held under the Mental Health Act. These solicitors can also provide advice regarding voluntary inpatient admissions to people or families of people who admit themselves to stay at a mental health facility or hospital under their own free will. A person could choose to do this because they are worried about the state of their mental health. 

A solicitor that specialises in mental health and mental capacity can also help with power of attorney disputes if someone loses the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves and there is a dispute between family members. This is the same as becoming power of attorney for someone if their health declines due to a physical illness or old age.

If you or a relative is suffering from severe mental health issues, please seek advice and help from both healthcare professionals and legal professionals if you need it.

Local Recommendation

If you are seeking a local solicitors office in the Suffolk area, then THB solicitors Ipswich office has expert teams that cover and can advise on legal issues involving mental health and mental capacity. They can also provide a handful of other services, which we will look at below. THB solicitors also have several branches across Essex and one office in Norwich.

Professional Misconduct

Solicitors in this area of specialism can advise on all legal areas surrounding professional regulation across many different industries. A professional misconduct solicitor can help you with conduct issues, financial misconduct and criminal convictions. They can defend and help with appeals against accusations, judicial reviews, disciplinary matters, harassment and breaches of conditions, amongst other issues. 

Commercial Law

Commercial law solicitors can help with issues for both small start-up businesses and large established corporations. They can give you both legal and up to date best-practice advice, which means they can help you make informed business decisions. 

Commercial law solicitors can help you with forming a company, mergers, acquisitions or takeovers. They can also assist with issues like employment law and tribunals, mediation for businesses, shareholder agreements and debt recovery.

Commercial law also covers landlords who own commercial property or can advise you on commercial leases for your business’s place of operations.

Conveyancing Solicitors

Conveyancing solicitors deal with property law and can help with both commercial and residential properties. They can offer advice and deal with the legal details of buying and selling a property, remortgaging or questions about equity. When moving home, it is recommended to hire a conveyancing solicitor to make sure you are protected both legally and financially.

Find The Right Solicitor For You

Getting some initial advice from a solicitor’s office has never been easier. All you have to do is search for a solicitor’s near you, look through their website to see if they offer the service you need and then get in touch, they will usually have contact forms to make an enquiry and get things started.

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