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How To Fix The Error Of Retrieving Data. Wait A Few Seconds And Try To Cut Or Copy Again.

Microsoft Excel is quite flawless like any other Microsoft office software, but some errors annoy users worldwide. One such error is “Retrieving data, waiting a few seconds, and trying to cut or copy again.” It often appears while pasting the data copied from an Excel worksheet to another document of the application.

Now that you are here, you must be searching for the instant solution to resolve this error in your Excel. Well, your quest ends here. We can assure you that you won’t see the error anymore after going through this.

Why do you see the error in Excel?

You must have come across this error while pasting the data from excel into another field. The error message appears instead of the data that you need to paste. You may think that the problem is related to the particular OS version of Excel, but that’s not the reason.

The only reason behind displaying the error message while pasting is the faults in the data syncing process. Data syncing is relatively new to all the MS office programs as the earlier versions were fully offline without any additional features that need an internet connection. Thus, the software used to crash, which is why Microsoft began syncing the data for backup. 

As a result, every change in the document transfers to an online server. Therefore, every time you try to copy/cut and paste data, you receive the error saying, “Retrieving data. wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.”

Ways to fix the error permanently

First Method: – (Downloading a copy of the document)

If you are using the online version of the Excel application, try downloading an offline copy and performing the modification. Being an offline copy, it won’t sync into the online server and thus won’t display the error as well.

 It is a standard solution to temporarily get rid of the error and continue your urgent task. Here are the steps to download an offline copy of the working document:

  • Open the document you want to work on 
  • Click on the File 
  • Select the “save as” option
  • Click on the “Download a copy” option 

That’s it! You will have an offline copy of the document from which you can easily copy the data and paste it anywhere. 

Second Method: – (Try a different web browser)

One of the common reasons seen in most users coming across this error is using conventional browsers like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. If you are using any of these browsers on your laptop or PC, you will most likely witness the error while pasting the data.

You can try using other free line web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox instead of inbuilt browsers. These are light and handle the processing speed in optimal condition. Thus, there are high chances of getting rid of the error problem while using Excel.

Third Method: – (Try Repasting)

There are chances of the weak network while trying to cut/copy and paste the data, resulting in error. So, it would be best if you gave it a try by repeating the same action. If the problem is in your network or action, this will resolve the issue instantly. You can follow these steps while retrying.

  • First, deselect the cells that you are trying to cut/copy
  • Wait for a minute or so
  • Select the cells again and try the cut/copy and paste operations again

Fourth Method: – (Using the application in the desktop version)

If you are working in the online Excel application, you can try to open the File in the desktop version as well. The desktop version is quite reliable if you have a stable network and can resolve the error issue to a great extent. You can use the desktop version by following these steps

  • Open the Excel application
  • Go to File and click on the “save as” option
  • Go to “Download as” and click on Microsoft Excel
  • Your File will download and open in the desktop version

Once you enter the desktop version, try the operations again. You must get rid of the error by now. If not, you can contact customer support for instant help on resolving the problem.

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