BlogRecognize Timeshare Exit Scams 

Recognize Timeshare Exit Scams 

Timeshare company scams, Timeshare exit scams, etc., are Conditions you don't want to get indulged in as an owner of a timeshare. Unfortunately, the scams are pretty common occurrences that you must know if you want to escape a timeshare that is no longer relevant to you.   

Not a single sole wants to get stuck with a company that needs to be more honest, helpful, and effective with its exit services for timeshare. But those facing timeshare cancellation for the first time may need help searching for a good timeshare exit company. One of the easiest ways to find a legit timeshare company is by digging deep into the reviews. For instance, if you are considering Wesley, enter the keyword “Wesley Financial groups reviews,” hit enter, and check their quality of services. 

This article discuss timeshare exit scams you should try to avoid while hiring a firm to help you out. Read on. 

Signs that your chosen company is a scam 

There are several patterns in which all these scam companies work, and if you are able to figure them out, it's very likely that you will be able to avoid them. 

Continuously receiving unconsolidated calls from the company 

This is an immediate red flag. You should not receive any call from the company until you have already contacted them before. It would be good if you did not look at all entertain this call. If the caller is aware about most of your details, like the exact date of your timeshare purchase, in which part of the world your timeshare is located, its value, etc.? They have most likely collected this information from real estate public records or any other data warehouse. 

Given advice is unrealistic 

Be cautious about the advice that an exit company provides you with, especially if it is way too good. For example: If your exit company starts advising you to put a pause on paying your timeshare mortgage, annual maintenance fees, on other payments that you are liable to pay, totally ignore that advice. These actions could ruin your credit score and may even get a lawsuit filed against you.   

Anytime the exit company provides help you with a significant legal decision, a prominent timeshare lawyer must also be involved. 

You are paying Excessive upfront fee 

While it is not uncommon for an exit company to charge you a fee for helping you out, an excessive amount should raise a red flag. When a company asks you to pay thousands of dollars from the start of the process itself, it should immediately raise your eyebrow. It would be best if you always went for a timeshare company that charges you a reasonable price and is also transparent about its process method. 

You are kept in dark 

When you invest a lot of energy and money in hiring a timeshare exit company, they are expected to be in touch with you at every step of the process. If they say that they have a unique approach to dealing with timeshare exit, they should be transparent about it. If they are keeping you in the dark and tend to hide crucial information from you, there's no way the company is genuine.   

Although the timeshare exit process involves terms that are difficult to understand by the general public, if a company is not ready to explain it to you, you should draw from that company immediately.   


Timeshare exit is a hectic and lengthy process, which is why many people hire timeshare exit companies to help them out. However, only some companies in the market are willing to help you. The world is full of scammers that are ready to take advantage of your compulsions. Hence, before getting involved with any such company, you must ensure that the company is genuine and is trapping you in any scam.

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