MarketingProper Use Of Hashtags To Drive Traffic To Your Instagram Profile

Proper Use Of Hashtags To Drive Traffic To Your Instagram Profile

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that helps to promote a business through the Internet. Sometimes a person, in order to increase traffic, can buy Instagram likes or views from followers. Then the owner of an Instagram account thinks about how to write hashtags on Instagram to increase likes and followers. The problem is solved by adding the necessary hashtags to the publications. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

What does an Instagram hashtag do?

Any active Instagram user knows that under the publications there are words that are preceded by a “pound sign” (#). When you click on any of them, a window will open in front of the user containing information on a given topic. In a word, a hashtag is a tag that indicates what is being considered in the selected material.

Hashtags help to attract to the account those users who are interested in the content published in the profile. Using them correctly is a step towards increasing sales and attracting new customers.

What are hashtags

Hashtags can be called keywords that make up the seo-core of an Instagram profile, on which the amount of traffic attracted depends. They are distributed according to frequency. But Instagram does not provide an opportunity to view the frequency of a particular hashtag. But an interested user can see how many publications are issued for a specific result. So, all hashtags are divided into:

  1. Rare.
  2. Low frequency.
  3. Midrange.
  4. High frequency.

It is worth saying that hashtags are divided not only by frequency, but also by type of use. In particular, we can distinguish: spam hashtags, geo-hashtags, content hashtags, headings, branded and trending.

How to put hashtags on Instagram and how many to use

The key task in the conduct of any Internet business is the correct compilation of the semantic core. It should use an equal number of high-frequency and low-frequency queries. The total number of such words is 100-150.

As already mentioned, you should not add too many of the most popular queries (hashtags) under the publication. This will not give the desired effect, because they are mainly used either by bots or by people who want to increase sales.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags for a post. Therefore, the choice of queries should be approached as responsibly as possible if the user wants to increase the amount of incoming traffic.

Hashtags to attract likes

At the very beginning are those tags that are most widely used. Their competent use will help to attract likes, and excessive use will not give the desired effect. The principle of adding more queries to get a quick result does not apply here.

The tags shown below allow you to increase the number of followers and likes (also, you can buy Instagram followers and like at Poprey). They are put under the photos of thousands of Instagram users every day. It is possible to use the English version of the words.

Hashtags must be placed under each publication. Such actions will increase the reach of your account and attract new users. User feedback is important. Greater activity helps to increase the audience and get into the recommendations.

How to make hashtags on instagram for photos

Hashtags can be added both in the description for the publication and in the comments. To add a hashtag, the user needs to do the following:

  1. Log in to the social network Instagram.
  2. Go to the “My profile” section
  3. Create or upload ready-made content.
  4. Click on the “Add Photo” button.
  5. Add a # symbol followed by a specific word.
  6. Click on “Publish”.

Adding a hashtag to an already uploaded photo involves editing the post and adding a tagged comment.

Users should be aware that:

  • Publications from private profiles do not appear on pages with hashtags.
  • When writing a hashtag, spaces are not allowed.
  • Hashtags can be placed both under your own publications and under the content published by the user’s friends on the Instagram social network.

When clicking on a hashtag, the user will be able to understand how relevant it is. The more content that has a particular tag attached to it, the more traffic you can expect.

What you need to know when writing hashtags on Instagram

To get the most out of tagging, you need to know how to use hashtags correctly. This set of rules will help you avoid common mistakes:

  • Any word can become a hashtag. Just put a # in front of it.
  • Creating a hashtag is available in both Russian and English. In this case, the user needs to think about what kind of audience he needs to attract to his Instagram account.
  • When compiling hashtags, it is allowed to use numbers and emoticons.
  • It is unacceptable to use direct or veiled obscene expressions and offensive phrases.
  • The system does not provide for the use of special characters.

This basic set of rules helps you learn how to write hashtags correctly. But the subtleties of creating effective labels are not limited to them.

Search using hashtags

If the user wants to find an account by tag, then he needs to go to the Instagram social network and click on the magnifying glass icon.

After that, a search box will appear in which you need to enter the appropriate hashtag.

By writing #Funny, the user will notice the lines that appear and the number of posts to which this label is attached.

By clicking on any of the results that appear, a person will be transferred to a tab containing thematic content.

There will also be available two ways to dilute information. After going to the “TOP”, the user will see the content that was included in the recommendations. And clicking on “Recent” will let you know that the content to which the tags are attached can attract traffic in a short period of time.

What not to do

Some Instagram users don’t see much benefit from using tags. This may be caused by:

  1. Wrong hashtag spelling.
  2. Using only the most popular hashtags.
  3. Rough drafting of the description of the publication.
  4. Ignoring expressions that match profile content.
  5. By adding too many words.
  6. The use of foul language.
  7. Refusal of the analysis, which is necessary for the effective promotion of the profile.

After studying the information presented in this article, any interested user will be able to competently start attracting traffic and promote an Instagram account.

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