PetPet Emergency Planning and Pet Emergency Kit Tips

Pet Emergency Planning and Pet Emergency Kit Tips

In times of emergencies that involve natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, and other kinds, it is important to have an emergency pet plan alongside a proper emergency kit for your beloved fur babies. These two can help protect your pets when a disaster happens. Owning a pet requires a huge responsibility: keeping them safe from danger.

This article will give tips on proper emergency planning for your pets and what to include in their emergency kits.

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Always Have a Plan

Having a plan for you and your pets in an emergency disaster can make it much less difficult for you to evacuate your pets safely. When equipped with a well-made plan, you are less likely to become stressed and have difficulty making decisions during an emergency.

When evacuation is necessary, you must bring along your pet, which is why evacuation plans are required. If you do not have a proper evacuation plan for you and your pets, you are likely to fail in helping them evacuate, making them get lost, injured, or worse. In your evacuation plan, you should inform yourself of safe places to take your pets before or after emergencies.

Besides having an evacuation plan, you should ensure that your evacuation plan is well-prepared by adding these other factors.

1. Microchip your Pets

To ensure that you always grasp where your pet is located, you can take preventive measures and have your pet microchipped. Ensure that your address and phone number in the microchip are always updated. Besides that, just in case, add an emergency contact outside your immediate area to your pet’s microchip.

2. Get Information From Local Emergency Centers or Animal Shelters

Suppose you are unsure of the necessary steps to take proper care of your pet in times of an emergency. In that case, it is good to contact your local emergency centers and animal shelters to get advice and information about the care for your pets and evacuation in an emergency.

3. Have a Buddy System

There could be times when you are unavailable or unable to attend to your pet in certain emergencies. In that case, it is best to create a buddy system plan with your family, neighbors, or friends so that they can take care of your pets or evacuate them if needed when you are not around.

Practice Evacuation With Pets

Practicing how to evacuate your house alongside your pets can have higher chances of success in evacuating with your pets in an emergency. You can practice your pets by training them to get inside their carriers and stay there comfortably so that you can use this when evacuating. In terms of transportation, you can make them get used to car rides so that they won’t get dizzy or nauseous.

If your pet gets easily scared, it might be good to know their safe places or where they typically hide when they are scared. Knowing these places can help you instantly find them when they get scared due to an emergency. Lastly, you can practice evacuation with your entire family so that they will all know what to do with your pets in times of disaster.

Pet Emergency Kit

Alongside being prepared for an emergency by having a plan and being properly practiced, having a pet emergency kit is also one of the best courses of action that will benefit your pets in times of crisis. A pet emergency kit should have dog food, accessories & more to accommodate the different needs of your pets. A proper pet emergency kit should have the following.

  • Pet food, drinking water, bowls, and can openers for canned food
  • Strong leashes, harnesses, carriers, and other types of transporters
  • First aid kit
  • Updated photos of your pet in case they get lost
  • Pet toys
  • Necessary information about your pet
  • Medications and medical records
  • Microchip number
  • Blankets
  • Flashlight

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You should save not only yourself but also your pet. If you own a pet, it is easy to understand how precious these animals can get. Losing a pet can be difficult, so you must do your best to make them safe and protected. A proper emergency pet plan and kit can ensure you and your pet are safe.

Owning a pet requires a huge responsibility: keeping them safe from danger. You also need to read more on how to take care of your pets.

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