TechOther Formats to PDF: Why Should You Convert Them

Other Formats to PDF: Why Should You Convert Them

If you are working, attending a university, or doing business, Microsoft Office is one of the things we rely on doing our work. It is the best in helping us finish our tasks and projects. But these formats have disadvantages with storing, archiving, and sending sensitive and private data. You have to look for another format that has a greater advantage when it comes to this topic. And the best format for that is PDF.

It may be more convenient to work with a PDF document than with an original document created in software such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. There are sites and works where PDF is the standard format to use and send emails. When it comes to your company papers, PDF is a brilliant choice. Are you still on the fence? In this article, we'll explain why converting to PDF is beneficial, and with the help of PDFBear.

  1. Save Time and Money

You don’t need to buy any PDF converter or any software because you can convert other formats such as PPT, JPEG, and Word to PDF for free with the use of PDFBear. There are several free PDF readers available online for every operating system, but PDFBear is the best when it comes to converting your files to and from PDF. You can circulate digitally created documents in PDF format for free. What else may stop you from using this free online converting tool? Give it a try now.

  1. Not all Operating Systems Accept Microsoft Office

There are several operating systems that do not accept Microsoft Office, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. The PDF format ensures we may view files transmitted around the world on a variety of computer systems without affecting the original document's look and style. When it comes to PDF documents, you may share, view, and print them no matter what operating system or program you are using. 

  1. PDFs Maintain Their Formatting

We are sure that you encounter sending an email with an attached Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Excel Spreadsheet, and other formats. But when the receiver receives the attached file, the format, template, graphics, and other things are scattered. That’s why you should send files in PDF. If you open a PDF in any way, it will keep its layout, fonts, and other features intact. As far as generally accepted file extensions go, PDFs are the only ones that maintain their formatting. When converting to PDF, even multimedia elements like videos, hyperlinks, markup, text notes, and music are maintained.

  1. Other File Formats Are Not Secure

If you want to protect your files, you should convert them to PDF. Undesirable users can dig through Metadata and other available data to uncover information that you do not want to share with anyone when you share your Microsoft Word documents on the Internet. Protect your personal information solely by converting your files into PDFs before sharing them. The PDF format enables a variety of encryption methods, digital signatures, and password-protected features. The PDF format is ideal for sending sensitive documents over the internet. 

  1. Other Formats Require a Larger Space Than PDFs

Because we used various visuals such as photos, movies, and gifs in our Word documents or PowerPoint presentations, it became difficult to distribute them through email due to their size. Another advantage of PDFs is just how little space they use. You can keep more PDFs on your computer's hard drive than Microsoft Word documents or PowerPoint presentations because of their small size. 

Where Can You Convert Other Formats to PDF?

If the list above made you decide to convert all your files to PDF, the trusted PDF converter is PDFBear. If you need to convert a Word document to PDF, this is the right tool for you. In just a few seconds, the user will be able to upload and transfer the completed file by just following the basic and straightforward instructions of PDFBear. Also, PDFBear can convert your PDF files to other file formats. They can convert any PDF file into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or even an image format such as PNG or JPG. Here are the PDF converter tools PDFBear offers:

  1. Word to PDF

For entrepreneurs, authors, and students, Microsoft Word is by far the most popular word processing application in the world today. But it has disadvantages. You may convert a file to PDF in just a few minutes using PDFBear's converter tool. The entire converting procedure takes approximately two minutes. It is possible to use PDF files on a wide range of devices. Any operating system can open a Word document that PDFBear has converted to PDF. 

  1. PPT to PDF

Business conference meetings and instructional demonstrations often use PowerPoint presentations. Some operating systems, however, do not accept Microsoft's PPT presentation file format. Using a PDFBear conversion tool will ensure that your presentation files are in the proper format. When it comes to converting PowerPoint presentations to PDF, PDFBear is a great option for you to consider as well. This program requires the same four easy procedures as their other PDF conversion tools.

  1. Excel to PDF

Most businesses and online jobs today rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets. You may organize data and analyze financial information with this software. The main drawback is that there is no security. Microsoft Excel files are prone to corruption. As a result, PDFBear can provide you with a quick and easy solution whenever you need it. To convert an XLS or XLSX file to PDF, use PDFBear's Excel to PDF converter. 

  1. JPG to PDF

To convert your JPG file to PDF, you can use the free online PDF converter PDFBear to do it rapidly. Converting several JPG files at once is also a piece of cake using this application. PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP are just a few of the file types that PDFBear can convert. You may get your files converted to a high-quality level in less than two minutes. As soon as you convert a JPG or any photo to PDF, no one else will be able to copy the document without your consent.


Converting your files to PDF is a must these days, and PDFBear is the ideal tool for that job. When you utilize PDFBear to convert a document, you'll get a high-quality result. Other methods in which this PDF application may assist you in completing all of your school obligations and assignments are also available. You may visit their website to discover more about their products and services.

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