CasinoNon-Alcoholic Beers Are Conquering the Market

Non-Alcoholic Beers Are Conquering the Market

Non-alcoholic beer is nothing new to people living in Europe and the Middle East. They have taken this beer for decades. In the USA, however, non-alcoholic beer is a current trend. The millennial generation is popularising this type of beer because they want a more sober lifestyle. Although producers of non-alcoholic beer have a small market share, their sales have been going up since 2019. Unlike gamblers who do not know where their luck falls, when playing 50 free spins games, NA beer manufacturers have a promising future. 

When did the boom start?

Even before the Covid 19 pandemic, people were eager to lead healthier lifestyles. As hinted above, non-alcoholic beer sales rose 39% in 2019. But when the pandemic hit, people’s preference for NA beers rose even higher. As a result, beer brewers have started to introduce non-alcoholic spirits. The consumer demand for non-alcoholic beers shows their commitment to stay healthy. They want a healthier alternative to alcoholic beers without sacrificing their gratification.  

Some of the most renowned beer brewers in the US are actively producing NA beers. One of these is Sam Adams, a company that belongs to Jim Koch. Although Jim never wanted to join the NA beer market, he found it profitable after the Corona pandemic. Even if they were not sure of how people would receive their new great-tasting NA beer, Sam Adams went ahead to produce it. 

CERIA Brewing, another major producer of craft beer in the USA, joined the bandwagon. According to Dr Keith Villa, the founder of CERIA Brewing, the company could only offer its cannabis-based beer products in Colorado. When searching for other lucrative opportunities, they found the non-alcoholic beer and made it under a different company. 

Athletic Brewing, a beer brewer that began in 2017 and focused only on non-alcoholic beer recently added 125,000 barrels to their new facility in San Diego. They also obtained millions of funding recently and attracted a group of celebrity investors. 

Why has non-alcoholic beer become so popular? 

Besides the ordinary consumers, professional athletics love non-alcoholic beer. This could be because of all the benefits that they can get from the item. An NA beer can offer the following benefits: 

  • It can reduce inflammation in the body and improve athletic performance – According to a 2012 research study conducted by Erdinger Weissbraeu, drinking1 to 1.5 litres of NA beer for three weeks before a marathon could minimise inflammation after running. This type of beer has polyphenols, unique compounds that can fight inflammation. Reduced inflammation in the body can minimise your risk for cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 
  • It can keep you hydrated – Proper hydration is crucial for your health. Although you can hydrate your body by drinking water, a non-alcoholic beer makes a great alternative. It can maintain your electrolyte balance during exercise. At the same time, it can keep your body healthy because it has no sugar. 
  • Nonalcoholic beer contains plant-based elements – Plant-based ingredients can promote health and rest. These beers consist of things like barley and inulin. These have vitamins, minerals, prebiotic fibre, and beta-glucans for lowering bad cholesterol. 

A non-alcoholic beer will continue to be popular in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic. The same trend might continue as more and more people embrace healthy living.

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