TravelNo Go: What's the Worst Time to Visit Myrtle Beach?

No Go: What’s the Worst Time to Visit Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach welcomes 19 million tourists every year. The busiest time to go is during the summer. This is when there are the most attractions to enjoy, and the weather is nice and warm. 

These selling points aren’t for everyone, however. For some people, the heat and crowds are the worst part of going to the beach. 

These people may benefit more by visiting during the off-season. There aren’t many things to do, but the weather is fair, and the prices are cheap. 

As you can see, the worst time to visit Myrtle Beach is a bit subjective depending on your vacation needs. Continue reading to learn more. 

Summer (June-August)

During the summer, the children are out of school. That makes June-August the prime time for visiting Myrtle Beach. 


When it comes to festivals and events, there’s no end to the things to do in Myrtle Beach during the summer. There are plenty of music concerts and shows to attend. 

If you want to enjoy the attractions without running into as many crowds, visit in August when tourism is slowing down. 


Myrtle Beach travel during the summer is congested. If you don’t book well in advance, it will be difficult for you to find a hotel room. 

The attractions are enjoyable, but you can expect to wait in line. Restaurants pull out all the stops to impress tourists from June through August, but you’ll need reservations. 

If you’re going to get into a car accident and need to contact Maguire Law in Myrtle Beach, it will be during the summer when traffic is at its worst. 

On top of the crowds, summer Myrtle Beach weather is humid and miserably hot. 

Fall (September-November)

Tourism is almost non-existent in Myrtle Beach during the fall months. This makes visiting good for your wallet but bad for your itinerary. 


In the fall, hotels struggle to keep their rooms full. That means you won’t have to fight with other tourists to book accommodations. 

Hotels also offer huge discounts during the fall. If you go toward the end of November, you’ll get to enjoy the start of the Christmas events. 

You’ll pretty much have the place to yourself. The weather will be more crisp than it is during the summer too. 


Fall weather at Myrtle Beach is great when it decides to behave. September-November is peak hurricane season, so you’ll need to accept that your trip may get interrupted by high winds and rain. 

The only thing you can do is eyeball the weather channel up until the day you’re set to leave for your trip. You can always reschedule your accommodations. 

Fall days are short, so while you may have free reign of the beach, you might not get to enjoy it for as long as you would like. 

Winter (December-February)

With the winter comes crisp weather and amazing holiday deals. While there’s not a lot going on, there are some things to do in Myrtle Beach during the holiday months. 


If you enjoy chilly weather and low crowds, winter is the best time to visit Myrtle Beach. While you’ll run into the occasional holiday vacationer if you go during December, you won’t find yourself bumping into people on the boardwalk. 

You can go to pretty much any attraction you want without dealing with pesky lines. There won’t be much of a wait to go to restaurants, and many of them will be offering great discounts.

There’s almost no greater sight than a beach sunset during the winter. If you’re willing to brave the cold weather, you’re in for a treat. 

During January and February, you’ll be able to get the best hotel rates due to all the empty rooms. 


Unless you go to Myrtle Beach in December, you’re not going to have a lot of festivals and events to choose from.

Those who don’t like chilly weather will have an awful time. In February, Myrtle Beach does see a few snow flurries. 

Spring (March-May)

When your child is out of school for spring break, take them on a beach trip. This will allow the entire family to enjoy fun amenities and gorgeous weather. 


Spring is the best time to visit Myrtle Beach when it comes to the weather. The chill of the winter is fading to make way for the warmth of the sun. 

Spring at the beach isn’t quite as hot or humid as it is during the summer. This season is also when the beach starts to explode with life again. You’ll be able to find plenty of events for the entire family to enjoy. 


The biggest con of visiting Myrtle Beach in March-May is spring break. It’s bustling with high school and college students. 

You’ll be lucky to find accommodations if you don’t book well in advance. Spring isn’t as busy as summer, but you’ll still run into some pretty big crowds. 

While the weather is usually nice at the beach during the spring, you may have to deal with the occasional rain shower. 

The Worst Time to Visit Myrtle Beach

The worst time to visit Myrtle Beach depends on your vacation needs. If you want to avoid running into crowds, you shouldn’t go during the spring and summer. 

The beach isn’t as crowded in the fall and winter, but you won’t find a lot to do. There’s also the little matter of cost. If you don’t have a lot to spend, your dollar will stretch much further in the fall. 

For more vacationing tips and tricks, explore the rest of our blog. 

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