TechMythBusters – Debunking Common Myths About Solar

MythBusters – Debunking Common Myths About Solar

Heard some interesting and wild claims about solar panels? Well, you are not alone. There are a lot of myths circulating, and if you wish to go solar, you may be contemplating if it’s a worthwhile investment. The excellent news is that you have come to the right place to learn the facts about solar. Read this article on solar myths debunked.

Solar Panels Are Pointless During Cloudy Weather

Clear, sunny days are favourable weather conditions for solar panels Australia. Moreover, the beams of sunlight should be direct and unblocked for the best performance. As you may have guessed, clouds tend to minimise the amount of sunlight received by your panel system. Therefore, it reduces the level of solar energy production. Still, it’s not true that solar systems don’t work during cloudy conditions.

A reliable solar energy website noted that while the level of solar panel efficiency reduces, your system will still create some energy. This is where modern solar panels make a lot of sense; they can still perform well even in low light conditions.

You can expect very low performance when the cloud cover is thick with a top-up of overcast conditions. On the other hand, if the clouds move faster, it allows sunlight to reach the panels. Hence, the reduction of its efficiency will be less.

Cheap Solar Systems Offer The Greatest Value

Cheap is always expensive, and your solar panels are not an exception. With the aim to spend the least possible, people often opt for attractive package deals that are sometimes too good to be true. They usually believe that the lower upfront cost means the system will pay for itself faster.

Theoretically speaking, that could be true. But cheaper systems are not likely to provide the best performance, reducing the solar savings. The system may take an extended period to pay for itself instead of a high-quality, costlier panel. Besides, frequent repairs and failures can significantly cut into your finances, eating away what you had saved when initially buying the system. Opting for quality and reliability is the way to go.

Solar Panels Consume More Energy In The Manufacturing Process Than They Produce

It makes financial sense to concentrate on how long it will take to pay off the system. But did you know there is a far more important payback? This is the energy payback and what homeowners often miss as they focus on the ‘bigger picture.’ Energy payback is the period it takes for solar panels Sydney to produce a similar amount of energy.

Typically, this is estimated at two years. Therefore, in approximately two years, you can expect your solar panels to offset the energy cost involved in the manufacturing stage. Still, if your panel makes energy for thirty years, that’s a good twenty-eight years of clean, green energy gains. With good systems, for instance, the Tesla solar panels, and proper maintenance like solar panel cleaning, it’s a win-win for your household and the entire planet.

Hotter Temperatures Boost The Level Of Solar Energy Production

You can always relate heat with bright, sunny weather conditions. That said, you’d expect that hot days automatically result in high energy production. Except that’s not necessarily true. Most solar panels in Australia offer the best performance at 25 degrees Celsius. After the mercury rises above this temperature, the productivity level reduces. For any degree above 25, the panels lose 0.20 – 0.50 percent of energy. Therefore, hotter temperatures don’t result in optimum energy generation.

Solar Panels Can Supply Power In Blackouts

While this could be great if true, it is a false statement. The solar panel system incorporates a solar inverter connected to the grid through the main electrical board to the grid. A system that produces more energy than you can utilise allows you to send the excess. During a blackout, the inverter senses that the grid is no longer connected and shuts down automatically.

But that’s not the end for you. You can save yourself from inconveniencing blackouts by purchasing solar battery storage. High-quality systems like the Tesla Powerwall Home Battery System let you store excess power for use at night and when the system isn’t producing energy. Most batteries can be configured with backup choices to offer power during blackouts.

Solar Energy Is Expensive

This is not true. Dating back to 2009, solar power installations have been rising. This is because they have become more affordable over time with the availability of financial aids, like solar rebates. Besides, producing energy from coal is costlier than using its solar counterpart.

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Solar Can Damage Your Roof

This is certainly debunkable. A solar panel system benefits the space it covers on the roof. It acts as a barrier once mounted on the roof, protecting and preserving it. The panels are removed if and when this portion is damaged and needs repairs. Houses with gaps between the rooftop and the panels can apply sealants to fill the gaps. A reputable solar technician will advise since they ensure the roof is free of damage before installation.

Solar Panel Cost Is Based On Your Home’s Size

During a solar panel installation, there is a great focus on your home’s energy needs, not the home’s size. The precise cost of solar panels depends on a range of factors, including the orientation and slope of your roof. The surrounding environment of the roof also plays a role. The panels should be placed where sunlight is not obstructed and can easily reach the system. Obstructions like trees may have to be cut down.

Solar Panels Require A Lot Of Maintenance

Solar panels are easy to maintain, as they will only need cleaning to remove accumulated dust or debris. These systems are made to withstand harsh weather elements like hails and snow. Battery-based systems may need slightly more cleaning than those without storage.


Wish to learn more about solar systems and if your home could benefit from the addition? Speak with reputable professionals who will be glad to be of help. Apart from knowing the solar panel cost, they will assist you in making an informed decision on the suitable system for your needs.

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