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MyStream Netflix Video Downloader I Download 365 Days

All you erotic lovers out there, you must be looking at ways to watch erotic content online. Netflix is one of the best OTT platforms that offers it all. Take the example of the show called 365 Days. The story revolves around a woman falling in love with a don. The don gives her a year to fall in love with him. If you are an erotic drama aficionado, you must know that such dramas are a treat to watch. The show is based on the novel, ‘365 dni’. 

This Polish romance saga is making all go fanatic. You can watch this show, starring Massimo Torricelli and Laura Biel, as offline content now. Moreover, Netflix has some amazing shows for you. And, this is just one of them. The story revolves around various plots and has quite a number of twists and turns that has viewers hooked. You can now download netflix movies and watch them later on. 365 Days is not the only show on Netflix that has got you hooked. You can also watch other shows like Ride or Die, Indecent Proposal, and the Art of Living, to name a few. 

The Gripping Plot 

It has been quite some time now that has viewers watching a drama like this on OTT. Massimo Torricelli plays the role of a young and handsome don in Sicily. He has no other way out except to take over his father’s business. So, by now the viewers know that he is a mafia family’s son. Now, you meet Laura Biel, who is a sales Director at a luxury property. She is a highly successful woman, but with mundane personal life. She takes a short trip to Sicily re-ignite the passion between herself and her boring boyfriend. 

That is when it all happens. The most dangerous man in Sicily kidnaps her and takes her away. And, all this while, he gives her only 365 days to fall in love with him. This is one of the steamiest and most hot dramas, that viewers have watched in a while. You cannot help watch the entire storyline unfold in front of your own eyes. Furthermore, the plot will keep you at the edge always. The Polish romance drama was released on Netflix in 2020. Now, it is one of the most-watched contents in several countries. One of the best sequences about the show is the sex scenes that shows love in its real form in Polish nations. 

The film was shot in Poland and Italy. The songs were an instant hit from the moment they were released. The film grossed more than $9 million. The film garnered a lot of positive as well as a negative response. The critics also criticized the nudity in the movie. However, the movie has many supporters as well. The film many awards and accolades in the forthcoming year. Watch it on MyStream Netflix Video Downloader

Download Netflix Shows Without Internet Connection

You can download the erotic drama and watch it at your own convenience now. Internet connection is not always mandatory to watch any show or movie on an OTT platform like Netflix. Moreover, if you have internet, the connection may be very slow. Therefore, you might get irritated while watching the show. So, now, you do not have to depend on the internet connectivity all the time, with MyStream Netflix Video Downloader here. 

Some of the movies and shows on the OTT platform Netflix are very popular. Thereby, you may want to download them, and watch later. Sometimes internet connectivity is also not that fast. So, it makes sense to get the MyStream Netflix Video Downloader. 

You can now download the shows and dramas and watch them later at your convenience. It will ensure that you are able to enjoy a smooth show anywhere and anytime. When you travel you can also enjoy the shows offline. For that you also need to know, how to download movies on Netflix. 

Features Of MyStream Netflix Video Downloader

It is time to enjoy a hassle-free movie watching experience. MyStream Netflix Video Downloader allows you to download any number of videos from Netflix’s site and watch them later on. If you are in the United States, the UK, Germany, France, or Japan, you can now utilize this. Download movies, shows, series, or just about anything and save it on your laptop or desktop for offline viewing. 

You can now watch the erotic drama movie 365 Days on Netflix offline. It is a fun thing to do. Watch the shows an unlimited number of times, only with the top downloader for Netflix. 

  • Top Quality – Now, you can download the movies and shows in top quality. It offers you the highest screen resolution with adaptive streaming technology. Moreover, you can name the files automatically. The video quality is great at 1080p. 
  • VIP Services – Now, you can also enjoy all the content from VIP services. Even if they are no longer available, you can download the content with batch download features. 
  • Latest Technology – The MyStream Netflix Video Downloader comes with superior technology to download movies from Netflix, so that you can watch the same offline at your convenience. You will get the option to update the software frequently. 
  • Audiophile-Friendly – The downloader supports various types of tracks. Moreover, it also includes EAC3 5.1. You have several different options to download the movies and shows, like AC3 5.1, EAC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 to name a few. 
  • No Ads – Now, you can enjoy an ad-free experience with the latest Netflix downloader on the block. When you are downloading the content, the ads are removed instantly. You do not need the premium OTT version to get rid of the pesky ads. 
  • Video Manager – This feature is an instant hit with all the downloaders. You can download netflix movies by building your multimedia library. This is facilitated by saving the metadata instantly. 
  • Transfers Allowed – You can transfer the content to various devices. You can also manage your downloads on those devices, with smartphones, iPads, and tablets, to name a few. 
  • High Speed Downloads – MyStream will help you to download fast. There is zero-waiting time. You get to download them in MP4 format. 
  • MyStream Browser – It comes with its own browser. 

Why Go for MyStream Netflix Video Downloader?

You should choose the downloader, above all else, to download netflix movies as it is very easy to use. You can download content from all OTT platforms like Netflix, HBO, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, to name a few. The downloader ensures that you have a smooth movie or show watching experience today. You do not need to hurry to watch any shows online. You can get the opportunity to watch the shows offline at your convenience, in 720p/1080p formats. This is one of the best offline streaming devices that is now available to viewers on the move. 

How To Download Movies on Netflix?

You can download netflix movies and shows directly from Netflix, but with the paid subscription. It is only available for Windows 8 or higher. When you cancel your membership plan or account all downloads are deleted from the device. You have to download them again, when you re-join. 

Now, you can easily download the shows and movies offline, on MyStream and watch them later on. 

Step 1 – You have to install and launch the MyStream Netflix Downloader.

Step 2- Choose the ‘Netflix’ option, from VIP services. It is available on the page of MyStream. 

Step 3 – Search the video that you want to download. 

Step 4 – After you find the video that you were looking for, click download. You can also choose the various options in subtitles.

These are the simple steps to follow for offline download of MyStream Netflix Video Downloader. The free version of MyStream is completely free and safe. You can enjoy a hassle-free movie watching experience. You will not find any other free downloader like the MyStream one. You can now watch movies or any shows on the move. 


Now, you can watch your favorite shows and movies, on MyStream Netflix Video Downloader. It is very simple to operate. You just have to confidently operate it. Now, the best part about this service, is that you can watch your favorite shows and movies online and offline as well. Getting to enjoy the favorite shows offline is something unprecedented. You can now watch the shows and movies as many times you want to. The service allows you to save various types of content like movies, TV shows, anime, cartoons, and live streaming videos as well. 

Although the free version of the MyStream Netflix Video Downloader is easy to download and watch, you can also avail yourself of some additional features, on the purchase version. The purchase version is available at a monthly plan of $19.9, annual plan of $59.9 and a bi-annual plan of $39.9. Each of these has its own perks and facilities. When you buy the monthly plan, you can use the service on one computer or device. For the annual plan, you can use the service on three computers. The best part about MyStream is that the company frequently releases updates, so you will always be secure. The company also gives you 24×7 backend support.

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