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Moving In With Your Wife? 9 Must-haves To Make Her Feel At Home

So, you are moving in with your wife and wondering how you can make your home more comfortable for her. Don’t worry. You have come to the right place. Here, is a list of nine must-haves to make her feel at home.

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1. Teapots

In many cultures, teapots are auspicious, and people use them during festivals or family gatherings to serve tea. Especially if your wife is Asian or German, she will appreciate your effort. In case you don’t drink tea, you can keep it as decor.

2. Decorative pillows

Pillows can change the room’s vibe in seconds. It is also well known for making the environment cozy and comfortable. You can add a bit of fun by including decorative pillows in bedrooms and sofas. These pillows will give your home a vibrant look.

You can also arrange different colored pillows in one place for a bold appearance. They help create a modern look in your home. You can also place them on baskets, benches, etc.

3. Beautiful vases

Vases are an easy way to step up your home decor. In ancient times vases were made to store food, medicine, oil, water, etc. Later on, artists started painting more designs and detailing on the vases. You can either store fresh flowers or synthetic flowers in them.

If your wife loves exotic items, try a crystal vase and place it on the washroom sink. This will completely transform your bathroom look.

4. Throw blankets

Throw blankets never fail to give out homely feelings. You can keep these on your sofa, either folded or hanging. Check what suits your home aesthetics. It will make your home appear even cozier.

You can spend a romantic night with your wife on a couch with a blanket.

5. Wonderful and functional storage

Everyone faces storage problems at home, mostly due to many items and less space. Sometimes people arrange items wrongly, which creates space issues.

As your wife will soon move in with you, big storage is required. That’s where drawers and sideboards come into play. You can store products in different drawers. The most amazing part is that some sideboards come with funky designs, which makes the room look prettier.

Recently one of my friends brought a parquet sideboard from Out & Out furniture. She was extremely happy with her purchase because the furniture quality was outstanding, the price was a steal, and it came with 12 month’s construction warranty,

6. Rugs and mats

This is the most essential and underrated home accessory. You can put small rugs under the furniture to protect the floor.

On the other hand, you can buy an area rug to cover the entire ground. An area rug gives you a neutral appearance, while small rugs give the room a well-styled space.

Keep a welcome mat at the entryway and a bath mat in front of the washroom for visual interest and comfort.

7. Paintings

If your wife is an art lover, you cannot miss out on this. Depending on your wife’s interest, you can either go for modern art or vintage art.

If your house has a touch of traditional architecture, you can opt for ceramic or porcelain sculpture.

You can also decorate the wall with Buddha figures or Jesus paintings. While selecting the art, ensure it goes with the overall wall color, floor designs, and drape fabrics.

8. Bathroom towels

Invest in some high-quality bathroom towels. You can explore different colors, but white is the best. This is because it is classy and luxurious and gives a hotel-like feeling in the bathroom.

9. Her favorite personal collection

Maybe she has a collection of her favorite singer, is obsessed with specific wall art, or is fond of some kind of music. This is the right time to dedicate a special space for that thing.

Nothing will make her feel more comfortable than knowing you care for her preferences.

Over to you…

Now that you know everything about must-haves, you can easily design your house. Before buying anything, ensure she doesn’t have an allergy to any ingredient. For example, some furniture paint can sometimes cause severe asthma because people are allergic to the chemicals.

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