AutoMost Effective Way To Dealing With An Ant Infestation

Most Effective Way To Dealing With An Ant Infestation

Ants are generally small and seemingly harmless. In fact, it can be quitter amusing to watch them walking in a line and carrying large loads in comparison to their body weight. In fact, ants do this because they all follow the same pheromone trail. Different scents tell all the ants whether a threat is near, the colony is under attack, or where food can be found.

It allows them to work together to resolve issues and look after the colony. 

The bottom line is simple, if there is one ant, there will be many more. If they are attacking your plants or invading your home, you’re going to need to take action. Especially if the ants have set up a nest in your home. 

Contact the Professionals

The simplest, and best, technique for dealing with ants is to get professional help. Your local pest control company has the best equipment and experience to find the ants nest and deal with the infestation. 

The exact techniques they will use depend on the location of the nest and the size of it. As ants generally prefer damp areas you’re most likely to find them nesting near a water leak. Check where the floor has become damp for signs of ants.

The professionals will find the nest and then eliminate it.

Block Entry Points

Ants are very small which means it’s easy for them to get into your house. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t block their entry. You need to carefully inspect your walls for cracks and gaps and fill all of them. It can also help to fit brushes on the bottom of external doors as this is a common entry point.

Alongside this, you should consider your food storage system. Ants are generally attracted to sweeter products. The most effective way to prevent this attraction is to store all open packets in sealed containers. It will prevent the ants, and other pests, from getting to it. 

Baited Traps

Baited traps can kill ants and, they will even take the poison bait back to the colony, killing more of the ants. However, baited traps are also a great way of narrowing down the location of the nest. Ants don’t travel further than they have to, which means the trap most commonly used is closest to their nest.

You may be surprised to discover that one of their favourite foods is actually peanut butter. Put this in one baited trap and something sweet in another and you’ll be able to identify their current taste buds, making it easier to target them with poison bait.

Vinegar & Water

Mixing one part vinegar with three parts water will give you a mixture that destroys the pheromone that ants leave behind. This makes it impossible for other ants to find the colony or the food. While this won’t eliminate any ants in a colony, it will prevent any more from joining. You can also use this to ensure the only food trails available to the ants lead to baited traps.

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