AutoMethod To Add A Note On Linkedin With LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

Method To Add A Note On Linkedin With LinkedIn Profile Writing Services

In today’s virtual world, LinkedIn has become one of those professional networking platforms which are so designed that it helps in linking professionals from various industries, businesses, and organizations, and helps individuals in building a career. All of the world’s top brands and businesses can be found active on this platform. Thus, professionals are always trying to make their profile stand out. Recent trends show that as a result, there has been a huge demand for LinkedIn profile writing services in India which help individuals optimize their profiles as per the demands of their industry. 

Objectives To Connect On Linkedin 

When thinking about connecting, the first thing that comes to mind is the objectives behind connecting on LinkedIn. 

  • Adding People just to increase the number of your Connections

Sometimes, you tend to send connection requests to people with the objective of increasing your Connections count. There could be a particular motive behind this, or you might just do it without any particular reason. A LinkedIn Open Networker, often referred to as L.I.O.N., might engage in such kind of networking. In such a situation, you often try connecting with individuals you do not know personally. 

In this case, adding a note helps you to specify your aim for connecting, whether you are reaching out to the other person for some reason or are you reaching out just to increase the number of connections. 

  • Specific purpose for Connecting on LinkedIn

You often have particular reasons when you send a connection request to someone. These may include you making an attempt to sell something, you trying to get a referral or an endorsement, wanting help with an assignment, research projects, surveys and so on, or networking for an internship or a job. All such reasons should be specified in a note. 

Reasons For Adding A Note

It is important to add a note to every invitation you send out. Some advantages of adding a note are, 

  • Adding a note makes your invitation more professional and cordial. This gives a good first impression to the person you are approaching to connect. 
  • It helps the person receiving the invitation understand your intentions clearly for connecting. 
  • Personal notes increase the chances of your invitation being accepted by LinkedIn members. 

Important Tips To Help You Effectively Add A Note On Linkedin 

Let us now discuss some important tips which can help you effectively add notes which stand out and enhance your networking skills on LinkedIn.

  • A note that you send with your invitation usually serves to be the marker of your first impression to the person you are approaching through it. On LinkedIn, first impressions mean everything. A great first impression acts as the first step towards building a long-standing, rewarding and successful relationship online as well as in-person. 
  • The one thing that you should always ensure when sending out an invitation or a request to connect to someone is that you mention in the note how you came across their profile.
  • To make the note more effective and authentic, make sure that you also let them know who you are. However, no lengthy and unnecessary details about yourself should be mentioned. A simple sentence introducing you works well.
  • The reason for reaching out to the person should also be specified clearly, whether you want something from them or not.
  • A good way to attract attention is by throwing in a few genuine compliments for their work and other qualifications or skills and keeping a polite and formal tone in your note. 

For instance, you could praise their academic papers or other research papers and information they might have posted on their profile and tell them you found it insightful or interesting, further requesting them to accept your invitation to connect. 

While trying to add someone to your network, you can also focus on something that stands out or is unique to that person’s profile, let’s say, an unconventional profile title or any distinctive skill. Make use of that in your note by appreciating its uniqueness and then proceed with your request to connect. 

Adding Notes To Your LinkedIn Profile

Another important thing to effectively add notes on LinkedIn is to write brief notes which are to the point. Beating around the bush or adding long notes will only discourage and bore the person receiving your connection request. However, keeping the notes short and crisp does not imply that you write only a sentence as your note. An effective note should have three to four lines that cover up all the essential details as mentioned above. To get crispy notes, you can contact professional service providers such as GetSetResumes.

  • Avoid using message language or the language used on other social media applications while chatting. Refrain from sending notes which appear to be informal in content and tone. For instance, avoid writing notes like “Hi, would like to know more about your work, let’s talk.” 
  • Make sure that while mentioning your reason to connect is to not sound selfish. For instance, do not write notes such as, “I find your papers very useful for me and would love to make use of the information that you post on your profile.” Instead, you could appreciate the person for their work or information they have posted, telling them how it interests you, and requesting them to allow you to access it for reference. 
  • If you do not have any particular reason to connect to a person or do not want anything from them, it is still better to mention who you are, how you came across their profile, and how you being connected with them could be useful in networking.

For instance, if you come across someone’s profile through a mutual connection and at the moment just wish to connect with them without wanting anything from them, you could specify how you found them when perhaps your mutual connection liked their post and you found the post aligning with your interests. You could then request them to connect with you and specify that given you share common interests you might be able to help each other out in some way in the future. 

Hiring Linkedin Profile Writing Services In India

Just as the LinkedIn profile writing services in India increase the chances of a professional landing a good job and signing off a good deal, similarly, effectively adding notes on LinkedIn helps you in your networking skills. It will also increase your chances of building strong connections with like-minded professionals, and might even help you in being recruited into your dream job by giving out a good first impression that lasts long on the recruiter. GetSetResumes can be your ultimate partner to get LinkedIn profile writing services.


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