SocialMeme Marketing Mistakes That Can Damage Your Brand Reputation

Meme Marketing Mistakes That Can Damage Your Brand Reputation

The biggest challenge for marketers today is catching the attention of their target audience, connecting and engaging with them. It is a difficult proposition because customers have to deal with information overload, besides which, they are also notoriously impatient. Memes are a wonderful device for attracting customer attention and boosting brand awareness and engagement because they are visual, are not complex, and above all, highly entertaining with the potential of going viral. However, it is important to know the nuances of meme marketing so that you don’t end up making mistakes that can ruin your marketing campaign and damage your brand equity. Some tips on what to avoid:

Using Outdated Memes

Even though memes are highly effective in grabbing eyeballs, nobody knows how long a particular meme will remain popular. A few last for several months, while others fizzle out in just a few days. Marketers wanting to leverage the power of memes have to spot the trends early because, otherwise, they could find themselves launching the meme when it is already history. A stale meme is not likely to excite audiences, which means they will not like or share it causing your campaign to fall flat. A business that uses outdated memes is also considered behind the times and not in tune with its customers. You must not keep recycling the memes that you have already posted on your website or social media accounts as your audience will think you are out of ideas and start ignoring you, says a Meme Scout marketing consultant.

Not Being Creative

Memes are a big opportunity for businesses to show how creative and innovative they can be. People appreciate it if you can give familiar things a twist and make them smile. They will reward you by sharing it so much that it becomes viral, giving your brand huge exposure. If your memes are not innovative, people will not be excited enough to engage with you and share your post. However, being creative does not mean that you have to generate a new meme every time. If you improvise on an existing one, it can be good enough provided the execution is right. By being creative, you can not only engage existing audiences but also expand your reach.

Being Insensitive

You must understand what the meaning of a meme is before you post it. Many times the words you use have a completely different meaning beyond the obvious that can be insulting or abusive to some people, especially if they belong to other cultures and speak different languages. A word that is perfectly acceptable in English may be insulting in another language and may become controversial and cause a loss of reputation. You must never try to be rude in your attempt to be funny. According to Digital Media Solutions, marketers need to know their audiences well.


Memes are successful because their visual nature ensures high visibility, and their topicality is a good plant to bring on a quick laugh. However, the secret of success lies in your being genuinely funny and creative and not trying too hard to make people laugh.

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