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Free Medical Report Status Checking With GAMCA / Wafid in 2023 | Complete Guide

Every year, millions of workers migrate to Gulf countries for better opportunities. Even though the percentage of Western world workers is limited, a large number of workers visit these Mid-east countries from Asia. 

According to a study by ILO, the number of migrating workers in all 12 Arab states was estimated at around 24.1 million in 2019. Besides other South and Southeast Asian countries, India plays a huge role in providing a large number of workers to these Arabian states.

As per a recent report, Saudi Arabia provided around 178,630 jobs to Indians in 2022. However, if you are looking for a job, you have to pass a GAMCA medical report. In this case, you have to meet some requirements to pass the medical test.

Confusing enough? That’s why we are here to help you out. In this article, we will share all detailed information regarding the GAMCA/Wafid report. Moreover, we will also share how to check your medical report status. So, let’s get started.


As we noted before, GAMCA is an important medical report for all migrated Gulf country workers. When you book an appointment for this test, you have to go through some physical examinations including X-rays, blood tests, STDs, and other crucial things. Once you are done with the medical test, you have to check the status from the official website.

Importance of GAMCA Medical Certificate 

Simply put, this medical certificate is the legal document to get a job in Gulf countries. So, you can’t get permission if you fail the medical test. The key purpose of this medical report is to protect public health. And only GAMCA-approved individuals can get a job in these 12 Arabian states. In simple words, it increases your chance of getting a job there.

How to Check GAMCA Medical Status

So, you have learned the basics of this report. Checking GAMCA’s medical status is quite easy. If you want to check it, there are two ways. In the following section, we will share the two easiest ways to check your medical report status. Let’s find out:

Using Passport Number

In most cases, individuals can check their medical status by using their passport number. It’s easier as you are carrying your passport everywhere. Let’s find out how to complete the process by following some easy steps:

Step 1: Open a web browser by using your device. Make sure you have a high-speed and secure internet connection. 

Step 2: As you open the browser, you can search for the official website of GAMCA. There are too many similar websites, so double-check before clicking on the link.

Step 3: Once you click on the link, the homepage will be opened. On this user-friendly website, you can browse for the ‘View Medical Reports’ section. This section is designed for tracking the process of the medical report.

Step 4: Next, you can choose two options for checking your medical report status. In this case, you have to click on the ‘By Passport Number’ option. 

Step 5: Now, you have to enter the required details including your passport number and nationality. After doing that, you have to fill out the captcha.

Step 6: Once you are done with inputting details and filling out the captcha, click on the ‘Check Status’ button to complete the process. The system will show the current status of your GAMCA by opening a new page.

Besides checking the status, you can also download the report as a PDF format.

Using Slip Number

Besides a passport, there’s another simple way to check your GAMCA/Wafid medical report status. Well, this is not that popular as the slip number isn’t available all the time. However, you can try this method out if it’s not working with your passport number. Let’s find out what you have to do in the following:

Step 1: First, you have to open a reliable web browser from your device including Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Also, check if you have a high-speed internet connection.

Step 2: Once you open your browser, you have to search for the website. Or, you can also search for directly.

Step 3: After opening the homepage, you have to browse the ‘View medical reports’ section to start the process. 

Step 4: Once you open this section, you will find two options for slip and passport. Here, you have to choose the ‘Results by slip number’ option.

Step 5: Now, you have to give all the required details including your GAMCA medical report slip number and nationality. Once you are done, don’t forget to fill out the captcha correctly.

Step 6: Finally, you have to click on the ‘Check Status’ button after double-checking all details.

Step 7: The system will open a new page to show your current medical report status. You can also download this report as a PDF.

GAMCA Medical Status Categories

You see, Gulf countries are quite strict when it comes to the fitness of workers. That’s why GAMCA has some specific categories for them. And these categories depend on the physical fitness of a worker. 

H1: Fit

Once you pass the medical test without any complications, you will come under the H1: Fit category. An individual with the H1 status gets permission to work in Gulf countries. It can happen when you successfully pass all medical tests.

H2: Temporary Unfit

The H2 status is also common for some individuals. A worker can get this status when there are some minor medical issues or temporary unfit. In this case, the individual has to go through further medical tests to get permission. In fact, you have to do treatment in some cases.

H3: Unfit

As the name suggests, the H3 status is for those people who fail the medical examination. In this case, you have to do treatment within the given time. If the medical issue is cured after the treatment, you have to go through the second GAMCA medical test to get permission.

H4: Medical Condition Requiring a Specialist Review

This condition occurs when an individual has a specific medical issue. In this case, you have to consult a specialist for reviewing your medical report. You can only start the treatment procedure once the specialist recommends something.

Step-by-Step Guide on GAMCA Medical Test Appointment

Now, you know how to check the medical status of GAMCA/Wafid. If you haven’t done the test, you have to follow a simple procedure. In the following section, we will share a step-by-step guide on GAMCA medical test appointments. Let’s find out:

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is open a secure web browser from your device to start the process.

Step 2: As you get several results, click on the right one. Alternatively, you can also paste the URL for a quick result.

Step 3: Once you open the page, you have to input all required details including your name, address, and nationality for an appointment.

Step 4: After inputting everything, you have to make a payment of $10 for the appointment. In this case, you can only use a credit card or an international card.

Step 5: Next, the system will show the appointment confirmation. Here, you have to print the PDF for future use.

Step 6: Once you download and print out the PDF, visit the medical center on your scheduled date.

Step 7: Even though you choose a GAMCA-approved medical center, you have to pay for the medical test fees as well. To get more details, visit the website beforehand.


Both booking an appointment and checking the medical report status is quite easy as you have to follow an online process. Still, you have to be careful about everything. In this case, you can either do some research before booking an appointment or contact an expert to get all the details. 


Q: How do I check my Gamca medical report status?

If you want to check your Gamca medical report status, visit the official website of Wafid and input all the required details to get the PDF.

Q: Is Wafid a reliable website?

Yes, of course, this website is designed for all migrated individuals who want to work in 12 Arabian states from south and southeast Asian countries.

Q: Can I book a GAMCA medical test appointment online?

Yes, you can book an appointment by using the official website. You have to pay $10 for booking an appointment. Get the printout and visit a medical center for your medical test.

Q: What happens if I fail the Gamca medical test?

If you are selected as an unfit candidate, you can go for the treatment within the given time. If cured, you have to do the second GAMCA medical test to get permission.

Q: What is the validity of the GAMCA medical report?

The validity of the GAMCA medical report is only 90 days. That means you have to stamp your visa within 90 months of getting the medical report.

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