BusinessManage Your Logistics More Efficiently with ERP Software

Manage Your Logistics More Efficiently with ERP Software

Logistics is the driving force of many companies, which affects the business efficiency and its potential to meet the clients' expectations. Modern ERP solutions can help you to reach the ultimate effect of logistics optimization and strengthen your position on the market. Here are some of the benefits you can get from deploying your ERP system with XPLUS, a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner.

Improve Inventory and Warehouse Management

Warehousing and inventory are the core components of logistics. Their tracking is a time-consuming a tedious task prone to human errors. Implementing an ERP system will give you a broad view of your warehouse and inventory condition including sold, purchased and stored materials and goods. Automated monitoring with ERP software helps to understand the demand and manufacturing capacities better and flexibly adjust procurement and production.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 leverages the most cutting-edge technologies for this purpose including machine-learning techniques, which help to make smart decisions considering hidden trends.

Provide More Customer Satisfaction with Seamless Order Fulfillment

A single ERP system covering all of the company’s departments and warehouses is an effective tool to fill orders flawlessly and guarantee customers will receive the exact goods they order under the desired address on time.

Timely distribution is assisted by the ability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to locate ordered items across multiple warehouses. Not only does the functionality monitor delivered goods and destinations, but also manages transportation with communication tools, for example, by informing coordinators and drivers about delivery addresses, emergency states and unexpected issues as well as traffic updates.

Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 processes all of the data collected about shipments to help you evaluate the current routes, means of transportation and logistics partners to correct any possible disruptions and establish a better shipment strategy.

Streamlined Data Flow and Financial Reporting

A centralized database is essential for uninterrupted information exchange within and outside a company. Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes data accessible, while it also takes care of its security with the capability to limit data manipulation flexibly. As a result, companies can make sure any information, whether it is shipment records or production costs are available only to the system users eligible for it.

The specialization of Microsoft’s ERP suite is not reduced exclusively to the work with your data. For example, it also can process logistics regulations and help you to comply with local requirements, which is particularly useful for enterprises operating globally.

Additionally, with a modern ERP system, you can count on accountancy assistance for any logistics activities. Any financial information passed to the system is stored securely while it can also be easily retrieved and used for analysis. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is powerful enough to handle a large scope of tasks of professional accountants, which will allow them to focus on other duties.

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Deploy ERP System with Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner

Implementing an enterprise resource planning system is a considerable step to the success of any company relying on logistics regardless of its size. No matter whether you manufacture goods or you are focused on vending, logistics has too many components to handle effectively without the assistance of a dedicated digital tool.

Successful adoption of new management software requires certain preparations from your side as well as the support of a professional Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner. XPLUS has been a Gold Microsoft Partner since 2006. In 2010, it also became a President’s Club Member for Microsoft Dynamics. Being a four-time winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year award, this provider will guide you through the entire process of accommodating an ERP system to help your company boost its productivity.

On your end, you will need to consult the business representatives of all of your company departments to set the goals and expectations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. It will also be crucial to clean the data that will feed your new system from any outdated or redundant entries.

Working as a team with your partner, you will soon be able to enjoy the positive effects of a digital transformation of your company!

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