EntertainmentLike Gracie Abrams? Check Out These Artists

Like Gracie Abrams? Check Out These Artists

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Gracie Abrams is having a moment right now, and not just while opening for global superstar Taylor Swift during her world-conquering Eras Tour. Before heading out for the tour, she launched her own debut album, Good Riddance, full of deeply personal, spellbinding lyrics set to dreamy pop soundscapes. 

Abrams claims to have let go of many of the feelings she was writing about at the time, gently cautioning that there’s a difference between the woman she is today and the person who wrote those songs. The ephemeral lyrics are hard to pin down, so it’s a healthy reminder we should probably apply to more songwriters. In any case, whether you’re falling for Abrams’ lyrics or her groove-heavy melodies, we round up a few similar artists whose sounds you’re sure to love.

Lila Drew

The precocious Lila Drew is back from touring Europe last year, and her debut album, All the Places I Could Be, is doing rounds on the streaming platforms. Her lyrics can be described as earnest and open about important subjects, like young people in a tech-driven world navigating love and relationships, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously either. 

Instead of hiding her lyrics behind masks, she speaks frankly, though you can feel and practically hear her smiling along with it. Musically speaking, the tunes belong on any good vibes playlist, but you can also turn the volume up and put the soundscape in the foreground. 


Halsey might have been born in New Jersey, but their stage name comes from the New York subway station stop on the L line, Halsey. Their lyrics can be dark and gritty at times but also honest and raw. They don’t succumb to a negative worldview, she’s just upfront about how things are. 

Halsey has blown up in popularity. Their 2015 single “New Americana” was already big, but their status has only grown since then. At the end of 2018, she achieved her first number-one single as a lead artist with the song “Without Me.” In 2020, Time magazine listed them as one of the 100 most influential people.

Jessie Reyez

The Canadian singer and songwriter Jessie Reyez is known for R&B and hip hop, but she has a lot of cross-over with talented pop singers. As is often the case, genres can be too confining.

Reyez blew up a few years ago, collaborating with artists like Billie Eilish and Halsey, described above. She also has a co-writing credit for the Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa hit “One Kiss.” But her 2020 album Before Love Came to Kill Us and her 2022 follow-up Yessie have elevated her from being a promising but up-and-coming artist to a full-fledged star in her own right. 

The Juno Award winner has been nominated for Grammys in the past, too. Whatever awards she may win, the real winners are her fans who have been listening all along. 

A digital music world where people worldwide can hear new releases as soon as they come out is a hotbed for creativity. The artists outlined above are just some of the musicians crushing it, but fans of Gracie Abrams can find lots of other great music out there.

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