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Why is Retirement Difficult?

The enduring paradox of the crisis of retirement means that on one hand, we are encouraged to be conservative with our money but on the other hand, we are highly cognizant that people do not succeed in business without taking significant and well considered risks. We have well developed understandings regarding these two paradoxically linked financial investment processes as we have been bombarded by the media with images and stories of people who have failed considerably by taking either route. For people who occupy a clear space of privilege in the United States (which is many people as income inequality expands with each passing day) why is there such a confusing disparity? Why are people not making sound retirement investments, and why are they fearful to take risks?

At least on paper, we should have way less to be concerned about, but an absence of economic stability in recent years across the globe has made everyone doubly cautious about the types of investments they make, especially with their retirement accounts. These issues are often exacerbated by an adherence to classical definitions of what “retirement” should look and feel like in the United States of America. Because conservatism in America is part of our monocultural hegemony (at least in a sense that is financially demonstrable), we tend to all invest like lemmings jumping off a cliff: we do the same things, make the same choices and wonder why none of us have had exceptional experiences. You can easily learn more about retirement information on the internet.

How Do We Invest Differently?

There is a hegemonic grip on the way we invest that needs to be dismantled or weakened before we can make the types of decisions that will result in greater financial health. This is why when we consider alternative investment products like the precious metals offered by Lear Capital reviews, we are automatically taking a bold stance in the face of the very hegemony that seeks to keep us in financial ruin at a time of late-stage capitalism. Being the gears in the capitalist patriarchal system that benefits you can have a great emotional price, and that price is the paradox of choice. Investing in precious metals can help free you from the tightly bound vise grip of that choice.

Suffering under late capitalism like everyone can be explained by understanding the exploitative nature of the system that requires the most successful engage in a traumatizing and debasing sense of identity in order to become rich at all costs. There are, however, other ways. You can engage with a specie you already have a long and storied relationship with, as you likely received your first gilded gift before you were even an adult. The mere fact that we gauge the financial health of entire nation-states based on stock performances is a clear indication that we are missing something critical in our engagement with these processes: a sense of connection to something real.

This is where physical materials like precious metals can make a huge impact in your life. The usual IRA account does not offer the elasticity to allow you to enjoy a multifaceted investment approach, while a targeted and focused engagement with precious metals can do just that. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium ( are items you can touch and feel to know more about their intrinsic value and worth, and those connections have historically been more important for even the most successful entrepreneurs and investors, like Warren Buffett. We look at Buffett as the example par excellence of a type of capitalist greed, and we are not wrong — however, he achieved these goals by maintaining authentic and unique connections with people at even the bottom rungs of an industry.

How Do We Invest Wisely?

To be both the vector and the arbiter of a type of financial power can be emotionally draining and limiting but engaging with an investment vehicle that already holds a personal connection to your memories, your loved ones and your past can help you surmount the intellectual barriers that you may face when confronting the stock market. You may think that the emotional dividend of putting in the extra work to see yourself in the stock market will address the financial squeeze we are all experiencing is irrelevant. But performing financial health under capitalism is difficult. Grappling with the concept of performing financial health without considering the connection you have to the investment vehicles you exploit can be hard.

Many people are deeply concerned with the explosive nature of the stock market. But precious metals present a different and distinct space where you can place yourself in the lived experience of the investment product you are engaging with. Parsing these differences is not the guise of subterfuge: you are not merely purchasing products that happen to offer conservative financial entrance points. Instead, you are walking past the barriers erected to bar you from engaging in the framework of financial success that seeks to remove you from those spaces. Ultimately, it is your choice, but you should strongly consider bearing witness to new types of investments to provide you with financial health and freedom.

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