EntertainmentKevin Gates Instagram Story Video: What Happened With The Rapper?

Kevin Gates Instagram Story Video: What Happened With The Rapper?

If you love celebrity gossip, you might know that Kevin Gates’ Instagram story video went viral a few days back. In simple words, this act by the American rapper became a part of a huge controversy. Hence, some of his fans also reacted after this video went viral.

So, what exactly happened on that day? Why did that video go viral? There are so many questions on the internet. If you have no idea about Kevin’s IG story, we are here to help you out. After doing some research, we found information regarding this incident.

Besides sharing everything about Kevin Gates’ IG story, we will also share some basics about him including his early life, personal life, and net worth. Keep reading to explore more about this popular rapper.

Who is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Jerome Gilyard, popularly known as Kevin Gates, is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. He caught the attention of the audience after releasing his first album Islah in 2016. In fact, the album also peaked at #2 on the US Billboard 200 chart. 

Before releasing his debut album, Kevin also released different mixtapes including Luca Brasi 2, Stranger Than Fiction, and By Any Means. Despite being a talented rapper, he also faced legal issues and controversies throughout his career.

Kevin Gates’s Early Life & Career

Kevin Gates Instagram Story Video

Kevin Jerome Gilyard was born on 5th February 1986. His father was an African American while her mother had Puerto Rican roots. His family relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana before settling in Baton Rouge.

In 1999, Gates’ was arrested at the age of 13 for joyriding in a stolen vehicle. Kevin lost contact with his father at a young age but reconnected with him later. However, Kevin’s father died due to complications from AIDS when he was only 14 years old.

As per sources, Gates attended Baton Rouge Community College when he was 17. It was 2007 when Kevin started his music career by singing for a local label named Dead Game Records. His music started growing with Webbie and Boosie Badazz as they collaborated on Kevin’s first mixtape Pick of Da Litter.

Besides his music career, he also spent 31 months in prison between 2008 to 2011. However, he was released early because of good behavior. Some of his popular albums are I’m Him, Khaza, and Islah.

Interesting Facts About Kevin Gates

Now, you have an idea about Kevin Gates’ basic details. There are some interesting facts you can explore about the popular rapper. Keep reading to learn more about Kevin:

  • Kevin spent a lot of time in prison. At first, he was arrested at the age of 13. Later, she was also arrested for legal issues and spent around 3 years in prison. However, he completed a master’s degree in psychology through a prison program.
  • Besides releasing music albums, he also released some mixtapes and collaborated with some artists. 
  • Gates has been practicing Islam with his wife. Plus, he also visited Mecca for Hajj.
  • Kevin became a part of the controversy because of his disturbing statement about having children with other women. However, there’s no clear information regarding this topic.
  • Gates is married to his longtime girlfriend Dreka Haynes. They’ve been together for 19 years. The couple has two kids.
  • Besides being a talented rapper and singer, Kevin is also a well-known entrepreneur. At the moment, he has his own record label named Bread Winners’ Association. Plus, he also has a successful line of energy drinks named ‘IDGT’. 
  • Kevin is also well-known for his strong bond with his family. In fact, he has a good relationship with his fans as he often interacts with them.

Kevin Gates Social Media

If you know Kevin Gates already, you might know his Instagram video went viral. You see, Kevin is available on various social media. Of course, he’s on Instagram where he’s also very active with over 11.2 million followers. His official Instagram handle is @iamkevingates.

Besides Instagram, Kevin Gates is also available on Twitter. At the moment, Gates has over 1.9 million followers on Twitter. If you want to follow him on Twitter, you can check @iamkevingates. On the other hand, Gates is also available on TikTok with 3.5 million followers. His official handle is @iamkevingates. 

If you have Facebook, you can also follow him on that platform. Kevin Gates’s official Facebook has over 9.6 million followers. As we noted before, Kevin shares a lot of things on social media. So, if you want to know more about him, follow him on social networking platforms.

About Kevin Gates’ Instagram Story

So, what exactly happened with Kevin Gates’ Instagram story? Well, the video featured a woman giving birth naturally. That woman’s name was Kendra and her partner was helping her to give birth during that time. 

Kevin shared the video with a special note. Indeed it was an amazing moment as the couple was welcoming their beloved child. However, things didn’t go well on social media. As most people watched the video, a large number of them were horrified because of the graphical content.

In simple words, it was quite disturbing for most people. On the other hand, some people also claimed that it was Kevin with his wife. In reality, the video’s owner was someone else and Kevin just shared it on his IG story.

Why Did Fans Get Disturbed With Kevin Gates’ IG Story?

Even though Kevin’s intention was positive while sharing that video, most people didn’t take it positively. In this case, his fans also didn’t react well after he posted the video. In fact, they also asked other people not to watch the video. 

In short, a lot of people were horrified after watching a woman giving birth naturally. On the other hand, some people also appreciated the effort of Kevin as he showed what a woman has to go through during childbirth. Still, most people suggested it’s not an appropriate thing to share it on social media.

Kevin Gates’ Personal Life

Kevin Gates became a part of the headlines because of his personal life, especially for his statements. As per his interviews, he got some children from other women. We have no idea if that statement was true or false. On the other hand, there’s no information available on the internet regarding his other children.

Well, he married his longtime girlfriend Dreka Haynes in 2015. According to some sources, Kevin and Dreka spent around 19 years together. The couple has two children named Islah and Khaza. 

However, there were some rumors that the couple were no longer together in March 2022. Well, there is no confirmation of this news. Kevin and his wife have been practicing Muslim. In fact, he also visited Mecca for Hajj in September 2016. 

Kevin Gates’ Net Worth

Exploring a celebrity’s net worth isn’t a new thing. Most netizens get curious while learning about a famous person. According to some sources, Kevin’s estimated net worth is between $1 to $3 million in 2023.

Despite being a well-known rapper, his net worth is pretty low compared to other musicians. It’s probably because he’s been spending a lot for his lavish lifestyle. On the other hand, it’s probably because of his legal troubles back in 2016.

As per some sources, Gates has multiple sources of income including music albums, touring, brand collaboration, events, and more. However, we have no idea if he has more sources of income. 


You see, Kevin Gates’ Instagram story went viral because of its disturbing content. That’s the reason most of his fans claimed that he crossed a line by sharing this video. In short, controversy isn’t a new thing for the rapper. If you want to know more about him, follow Kevin on social media.


Q: How did Kevin Gates’ Instagram story go viral?

Since Kevin Gates shared a disturbing video of a woman giving birth on his Instagram story, the audience didn’t take it well. In short, it caught the attention of many people and that’s how the video went viral.

Q: What is Kevin Gates’ net worth?

According to some sources, Kevin Gates’ estimated net worth is between $1 to $3 million in 2023. He has multiple sources of income including music album sales, tours, music videos, brand collaboration, and more.

Q: How did Kevin’s fans react to his viral IG story video?

Well, Kevin Gates’ fans didn’t take his Instagram story’s viral video positively. As per them, the video was quite disturbing. In fact, they also requested other people to not watch that video.

Q: Where can I find Kevin Gates’ Instagram story full video?

As the video went viral, Kevin Gates probably deleted that video. On the other hand, it was automatically deleted since he put it on Instagram.

Q: Is Kevin Gates available on other social media platforms?

Yes, Kevin Gates is available on other social media platforms alongside Instagram. You can find him on various social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

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