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Ketamine and the New You: Its Usage, Effects and Treatment

Back in the 1960's ketamine was used as an anaesthetic for animals. It was late r approved by the FDA to be used on humans. It typically helps patients suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, bipolar disorder among many other psychological illnesses. Ketamine treatment is administered professionally in Bellevue Psychiatric Urgent Care in Jacksonville Florida. You can reach out on 904 886 0361 or visit the website to book an appointment. 

Ketamine is now known as an anaesthesia medicine, and though not widely preferred, it can be prescribed in a case where other anti-depressants have proven not so efficient. Also, it does not slow down heart rate or lead to breathing difficulty, therefore no ventilator is required to receive it. Ketamine is a powerful anti-depressant and has been proven to suppress suicidal thoughts. It is a regular medicine used by psychiatrists in treating patients suffering from depression.

The drug has often been abused because of its euphoric properties. Many people use it in drinks, inject it or add it to their cigarettes. It creates a temporary buzzy feeling, could distort vision, and make things appear not exactly as they are. Therefore, it is important to know the effects of abusing ketamine on your body and mind.

Effects of Ketamine abuse

When not taken according to prescription, or used for social reasons like when clubbing, ketamine can have detrimental effects on one’s health such as;

  • High blood pressure
  • Unconsciousness
  • Kidney problems
  • Ulcer
  • Breathing problems
  • And even death

Medical use of Ketamine

IV ketamine is often used to help patients reduce psychological symptoms. Although not yet approved by FDA, medical practitioners have reported positive results in their patients. It is often used on adults who are suicidal or suffering from very severe depression. The patient is usually monitored by healthcare personnel for about 2-3 hours after taking a dose of the medication. 

Psychiatrists often use ketamine therapy in the treatment of some of their clients suffering from mental health issues.

What does ketamine treat?

Ketamine can be used for the treatment of;

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • PTSD etc.

How ketamine works

Ketamine changes the way the brain cells communicate and blocks the production of NDMA known to cause depressive thoughts. It facilitates the production of new neuropathways thereby resulting in neuroplastic changes. 

Usually, your healthcare provider will take an assessment after your treatment to ascertain how you feel. Ideally, you should feel less depressed and suicidal, many patients even admit to having a better mood.

How often can you get ketamine treatment?

Ketamine has long term effects on the body, even though the drug doesn't stay very long in the body system. You would usually begin to feel its effects after an hour of taking the treatment. Depending on the prescription, some patients might be required to come in for maintenance treatment for about two weeks and in some cases a month.

How does ketamine treatment make you feel?

For the infusion process, you will likely be awake as it is a low dosage of anaesthesia treatment. You will feel a little sedated, and your surroundings will feel different to you, this is the psychedelic effect of the drug. You will also begin to feel your pains go away as it also works as a pain reliever. In some cases patients might have mild hallucinations, dissociation, or lightheadedness.

Ketamine vs Other anti-depressants

When compared to regular anti-depressants and talk therapy, ketamine works fast. You will typically feel better in an hour or two. Unlike antidepressants which have different effects on different people, with only about 20% of people admitting to feeling much better after use, 70% of people who use ketamine admit that it helped their symptoms.

Is ketamine covered by Insurance?

Insurance only covers the FDA approved version of ketamine which is the nasal spray called esketamine. IV ketamine is not covered by insurance as it is not yet approved by FDA for clinical use. A shot might cost about $450, and you would need the six (6) infusion shots.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP).

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a modern method of psychotherapy. It combined psychological guidance by a professional psychiatrist with ketamine treatment. It is used to treat PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Treatment is safe, mild and has no side effects. It also does not have any risk of addiction.

After a Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy patients will usually be full of life again, and able to rekindle important relationships in their life. So many say that they view the world differently and are eager to engage in more activities.

The key to ensuring ketamine works the right way is in seeing the best psychiatric professionals. This is why Bellevue Psychiatric Urgent Care is your best bet.

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