OutdoorKeep Your Cool With These Top 5 Small Boat Fridges

Keep Your Cool With These Top 5 Small Boat Fridges

If I’m being honest – it’s my least favourite thing about travelling by boat. I’m pretty lazy and, naturally, I hate carrying around a 40-pound cooler with drinks, ice, and food in it. However, thankfully, there’s a much better option currently available in the market.

If you have the battery capacity and the space to use – you can opt for an onboard boat fridge to make your life easier. It’s efficient, spacious, and can eliminate the problem I talked about before entirely. And it doesn’t come with a massive cost as well.

But, which one is going to be the best option for you?

In this article. I’ve enlisted five options that I have personally used and enjoyed the most. So I’m pretty sure you will find something from here that’s suitable for you too.

Isotherm Cruise 85

With an 85-liter volume and excellent insulation system, the isotherm cruise 85 can prevent any of your food from going bad – no matter how bad the weather or environment is.

The design of the refrigerator is quite clean and compact. So, even if it might not feel like it, it can be kept in a small room easily. There’s an LED lighting system available here that can make everything that’s available within the fridge highly visible.

The handle and the door panel of the product is customizable too. Thus, if you want to make its aesthetics as unique as your boat, you can do that as well.

Vitrifrigo C39IBD4-F

Unlike the aforesaid, this model from Vitrifrigo loses out on some specific features. But, it’s still considered one of the best small boat fridges out there due to several reasons, such as –

  • It’s quite small and compact. Therefore, you can keep it almost anywhere you want.
  • The product has a low power consumption rating and draws 2.58 amps of power.
  • There’s an air lock system available that can prevent unwanted openings.

The ventilation system of the model is quite decent. Therefore, it can also prevent mold and odor, even if you keep the door ajar for quite some time.

Dometic CRX 50

While Dometic CRX might seem a little off in the performance department, it makes up for it perfectly with the features it comes with. For example –

  • There is a patented freezer compartment available in it that can be removed.
  • The blue interior light is quite bright and, thus, can make everything quite visible.
  • You can control the temperature and the speed of the compressor with it.

However, the product is a little larger than the previous option. So, it may be a little tricky to place it within a tight place or space.

Thetford Marine NR740

The products from Thetford have always been hailed because of their exuberant design. But, this product comes with something that can actually be beneficial for you.

For example, the compressor of the product has been made by Danfoss, one of the leading or best manufacturers in the business. So, the risk of it getting damaged is pretty low.

Besides, the doors of the same are safe and reversible. There is also an easy open-close latch available in the product. So, you won’t experience any difficulties while using it.

SunDanzer DCR50

A chest-style freezer, the SunDazer DCR50 comes with a top-open design. It is also compact and, therefore, can be kept almost anywhere on your boat.

Besides, the model has been made with scratch resistant, galvanized steel exterior. Thus, it’ll be easier for you to use it, no matter where you are keeping it.

It’s quite easy to clean as well.

There’s an adjustable thermostat available in the model that can be controlled automatically. And it’s also environment-friendly, as it doesn’t emit CFC at all.

The Bottom Line

So, there you go.

That will be all for this article. Hopefully, we could convey whatever information you were looking for. However, if there’s something we’ve missed out on, let us know in the comment section below. We’ll try to help you out in any way we can!

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