TechWhat is IT Asset Disposition

What is IT Asset Disposition

In today’s connected world IT stands out as an essential business tool, regardless of niche or industry. Both software and hardware are used to bridge the gap between brand and consumer, store both private and sensitive data and for everyday operations.

IT hardware does have a lifespan, and disposing of it is not a simple matter. Throwing it into the bin is not an option, as it could lead to data breach and cause harm to the environment.

Enter ITAD, or IT asset disposition, a service that solves both pain points in IT end-of-life processes.

What is ITAD?

IT asset disposition is an umbrella term used to properly dispose of IT equipment, hardware and similar items.

ITAD solves the problem of filling landfills with e-waste and leaking business data to scavengers. ITAD firms offer several disposal services, which include degaussing, software overwriting and physical destruction of data drives.

Proper asset disposal solves sustainability concerns, as old hardware can eventually damage ecosystems. Ewaste is a commodity that should be recycled and broken apart, or reused so it won’t add to the destruction of our planet.

Professional IT asset disposition services ensure that all unnecessary and obsolete hardware are treated in a way that they’re broken down into sustainable and secure components. This way, businesses get to keep their data private as they upgrade to newer IT tech and devices.

What Are The Different ITAD Services?

ITAD companies will have the skills and equipment to ensure proper IT hardware disposal. They employ several services to ensure data security is kept. More often than not they rely on these services to erase both physical media and digital data.


Most IT infrastructures are comprised of data drives in all its forms. The most common type of media is the traditional hard disk, which mainly uses magnets to read and write digital files and information.

ITAD companies focus on the magnet to destroy data in a process known as degaussing. An industrial-strength magnet gets close to the IT equipment and interferes with its magnetic field, thereby rendering it unreadable. Asset disposal tech employs a specialized machine called a degausser to do the job, and there are several types that cater to different devices.

Degaussing is a powerful disposition tool, and it works quite well. Data drives that are degaussed lose their ability to be read, and all the information inside the media is lost forever. In fact, degaussing is one, if not the best way to destroy drives to protect sensitive data contained within.

Software Overwriting

We all know that data can be overwritten if new data or files are introduced to a drive, and it holds the same for IT disposal. In this case, the process of software overwriting has disposal technicians writing new data over the top of sensitive and private ones to mask and possibly remove it from prying eyes.

Original data gets erased in favor of the new data, thereby making it inaccessible to those who try. Data wiping is a quick and effective way to erase sensitive data, and it doesn’t require physical destruction or degaussing.

ITAD companies can write enough new data to completely remove the old one, or go through the process multiple times to ensure complete data destruction.

Physical Destruction

Lastly, physical destruction is what it sounds- having the data drive physically destroyed to prevent data from being harvested.

IT hardware can be melted or shredded so the files inside will be inaccessible. In regards to e-waste, these devices can be broken down into their more basic components for reuse and recycling.

There’s nothing more certain than having a physical drive destroyed or broken down to ensure business and consumer data stays safe and private.

Choosing a Reputable and Professional ITAD Company

IT asset disposition companies may vary depending on the services they offer and their skills in doing so.

Businesses and brands must choose a good ITAD company if they want to protect confidential data from leaking to the public. Part of what makes a good asset disposal firm is having the latest technology and equipment, such as shredders and degaussers to complete the job.

Sustainability, or being mindful of the environment should also be considered when disposing of IT equipment. 


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