LifestyleIs LED UV Curing System More Expensive than Traditional UV Lamp?

Is LED UV Curing System More Expensive than Traditional UV Lamp?

Easy yes! In fact, LED UV curing systems cost nearly double the price. Certainly, they have several benefits over the traditional UV lamp. For this reason, they are gradually replacing the traditional UV lamps. One of these benefits is that they are more environmentally friendly; they do not emit VOCs. This is particularly important as printing businesses are in the lookout for the most sustainable, energy efficient, and cost-effective curing methods. Maintenance procedures of LED UV curing systems are cheaper as most components are stationary. Let’s look at the cost aspects of the LED UV Curing System Vs Traditional UV Lamp.

Upfront Costs: LED UV Curing System Vs Traditional UV Lamp  

The purchasing price of LED UV curing lamps is higher in comparison to that of the traditional UV lamp. And while the cost effectiveness of LED UV curing equipment might not be apparent during the initial investment, manufacturers get returns throughout its lifetime. 

Long Term Costs: LED UV Curing System Vs Traditional UV Lamp

A cost-effective production process is a main goal of any business. The difference in the long-term cost of the LED UV Curing System Vs Traditional UV Lamp is that you might end up incurring little to no additional cost after the set-up of a LED UV curing systems. Businesses with high production rates are able to meet their customer demands on time and offer them fully cured and durable prints. Additionally, LED UV curing systems allow for a precise production process; less waste equals reduced production cost. If you are working with expensive resources, reduced waste has a greater impact on this cost.

When it comes to the traditional UV lamps, the cost goes higher with time. You will have to constantly service the equipment and replace the UV lamps. Traditional UV curing lamps are still available in the market and are often used by small- scale businesses.  However, if you want to improve your production rate, factor in upgrading to an LED UV curing system.

How Do I Get Returns on LED UV Curing System Initial Investment?

Higher Production Rates – Thanks to the system’s benefits like reduced waste, fast curing times, and energy efficiency, large businesses can enjoy higher gains. They also allow for top-quality products, which enhances customer satisfaction. You can switch the machine on or off at the end or in between production phases. 

 This feature is not available with the traditional UV lamps which run non-stop. Another way the UV LED curing systems increase production speed is the long wavelengths which allows for better curing.

Energy Efficiency – Due to the fluctuating energy prices, manufacturers can benefit from energy efficient systems. As mentioned, the traditional UV lamps run non-stop hence produce plenty of waste heat. This leads to an increased energy consumption. UV LED curing lamps are more energy efficient as they have faster curing speeds. Interestingly, you cut around 80% on your energy bills in comparison to the traditional UV lamps. 

Long System Life – LED UV curing systems offer manufacturers a stable process; the improved adherence allows for quality prints and process control. The problems you might encounter when working with these systems are lesser compared to when you use the traditional UV lamps. Additionally, you can efficiently meet complex customer needs like thin substrates and use the time that you would otherwise spend troubleshooting on production.


Despite the higher upfront cost, the benefits of UV LED curing systems surpass those of the traditional UV lamps. Nevertheless, they are still popular in different small-scale and large-scale businesses. Ensure you purchase your UV LED curing system from a reputable manufacturer like IUV and fulfill your business goals. Reach out today for a prompt quote.

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