BlogImonetizeit - Login, Password Reset, Advantages

Imonetizeit – Login, Password Reset, Advantages

Imonetizeit is an excellent monitoring and review tool that enables monetization. You may access up to 100% of your traffic with our free tracker. The business also offers cutting-edge SmartLink and CPC networks that offer excellent alternatives for monetizing your visitors. With a full array of tools to support you in maximizing your income, the IMI Smartlink is a creative and clever approach to monetizing your visitors.


Imonetizeit is a cutting-edge tracker that you may use for free to monetise the visitors and offers on your website. It is a leading fundraising and CPA network that gives consumers access to the most recent offerings. Users may monitor their results in real-time thanks to their SmartLink technology, allowing them to keep an eye on their campaigns. Users of Imonetizeit can make surveys, contests, and other list-building activities in addition to following the news.

At any one moment, there are over 100 deals available, so buyers are guaranteed to discover something that meets their needs. Contact Imonetizeit directly for more information if you’re interested in using their services or finding out more about what they have to offer. 

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iMonetizeit Verticals

1. Niche dating: One of the most popular verticals among iMonetizeit partners is niche dating. High amounts of traffic and a variety of goods and GEOs draw a rising number of affiliates every year.

2. Dating: Their main vertical is dating! When Dating SmartLink originally debuted, they were among the first networks to do so. Dating is now the most well-liked sector in the affiliate market because of its big audience and excellent conversion rate. You may enhance audience targeting and maximize Smartlink performance by using niche dating and mainstream jumps.

3. Nutra: IMI Nutra is open to working with both experienced and inexperienced market affiliates. They offer any GEOs to each partner and advise concentrating on the characteristics and preferences of the intended audience.

4. Games: The iMonetizeit Gaming vertical takes any type of traffic and covers every GEO. You may be compensated for SOI/DOI registrations or sales depending on the offer type. Any type of traffic may be profitably monetised with IMI Games Smartlink. The advertising materials and funnels for each partner have already been tuned.

5. IVR: For the IVR vertical, a thorough list of Click2SMS and IVR services is provided for the dating and mainstream verticals. The main benefits of IVR are its worldwide reach and variety of traffic sources.


Steps for I Monetize Login

  • The Prerequisites Users must have a working email address and generate unique passwords for their accounts before they imonetize login the portal.
  • Provide the very minimum of details, including their name, address, and phone number.
  • To verify their identity, users must upload papers like driver’s licenses or identification cards from the government.
  • Before they login I monetize login, they must read and accept the terms of service and privacy policy.

iMonetizeIt is simple to use

Once you’ve been accepted, you can access a straightforward and useful dashboard to see your daily statistics and earnings. You may choose them using the time zone and date filters on the left. You can also create Smartlinks, advertise solo deals, set up payments, and register domains.

The “Offers” section has a list of the top deals that you may sort by vertical, geographic location, payouts, and other criteria. When selecting an offer, you’ll see all the relevant information, such as the OS systems, devices, geos, carriers, conversion type, traffic restrictions, and the specific payouts and caps for your account.

How To Retrieve A Lost Password Guide

  • To begin, click the link that says “Forget Password”.
  • Click “Submit” after entering the email address linked to your account and imonetizeit sign up page will appear. You will receive an email at your registered email address with a reset link in imonetizeit sign up.
  • After you get the email, click on the “reset” link and type two new passwords into the boxes.
  • To finalize your changes and access your account with your new imonetizeit sign up

information, click “Reset Password” at the end of the process.

  • You may heal swiftly and effortlessly with the aid of this step-by-step manual, allowing you to return to work as soon as possible.

Advantages of Using iMonetizeIt 

iMonetizeIt is a great network that generates revenue for affiliates that operate in the dating sector. It offers a user-friendly website and quick payment options. If this industry is for you, iMonetizeIt is the place for you.

Unique deals and rewards: The highest eCPM/EPC achievable for your traffic is the best source to increase the ranking of your site. Not only this, iMonetizeit supports all platforms, devices, and more than 200 GEOs; you are given worldwide account protection.

You are assigned a knowledgeable and accommodating personal account manager who will help and guide you at every step. The cherry on top is that you have access to the free tracker.

Do We Suggest iMonetizeIt, in Conclusion? 2023 iMonetizeit Review

The most efficient network for using Smartlink and CPA offerings is iMonetizeIt. Their customer service is outstanding, as is their payment system. The ratio of conversations to payouts is about equal.

Money is made quickly, and a wide variety of lucrative offers, including top and exclusive offers, are available. Also, a helpful dashboard for work and a user-friendly design are provided. Everything is quite cozy and well organized. We heartily suggest this network to anyone looking to profit from Smartlink offerings swiftly and sensibly.

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