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What is Imginn ( View & Save Instagram Stories ) ? allows you to handle your Instagram account without using your Instagram profile. Facebook controls the entire activities of Imginn. You need additional accounts and Facebook to meet the required registration rules here and it will be beneficial for you to post a few photos daily. 

A real Instagram account permits ten images per day to upload to the page. This ImgInn app will give you additional 50 photo credits when signing up. If you have any credits left, it will be carried forward for other days without charging any money.

Using Imaginn: A Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Register For An Account

It is a hassle-free job to create an account on ImgInn and you don’t need to be worried about it. Firstly, you need your email address to sign up. On that note, you must remember that the email id should not be any business address.

Everybody wants to protect their profile from unknown access and make it secure from hacking. So, for this, you need to make a strong password consisting of numbers, letters, uppercase, lowercase, and special characters.

After these steps above, you must verify whether your account is activated. So, providing your cell phone number and establishing an identification method will allow others to download data from your page.

Step 2: Sign In To Your Account

After creating your new account on ImgInn, you must log in with valid credentials. But if you fail to do the action, you must clear the cookies and log in to your Dashboard.

Additionally, this app will give you relief from the repeated enrollment process by saving your login data in their database. So your subsequent login processes will get easier and faster.

Step 3: Find Your Video

Since this ImgInn is not integrated with web browser accessibility, you need a mobile device with a downloaded version of Instagram. 

It is mandatory to have a downloaded version of Instagram on your phone, so ImgInn can access your phone’s storage and compile videos in a file.

Also, it would help if you have free apps, like; Story Explorer or Spoiler Browsers, to download videos in your ImgInn Dashboard. So, when you want to see your stories, highlights, and other video files, you can access them on your mobile and desktop.

Step 4: Watch The Video And Download It

When searching for any video on Instagram to download through ImgInn, you must ensure that your entered description meets the standards by testing it.

Then, you should open your Tumblr dashboard and open settings to go to the Preview Post. 

All post previews with given tags will be immediately reflected in your Dashboard under the ‘Choose tag’ option. Afterward, you have to select one to make it live on Tumblr.

After finishing the entire process, you must press the ‘Save Changes’ tab. This action will help you check if anyone has shared your work. Then, you will get a chance to make some necessary changes before making it live on the public platform.

Downloading Instagram Posts Through Imaginn Made Easy

When you are impressed by a video or a photo, you will want it in your box. ImgInn will give you access to download directly from anonymous accounts on Instagram to satisfy your demands.  

ImgInn offers an organized library of convenient features for browsing. Also, it will give you visual pleasure with compressed images of full-screen ones. 

Whenever you access ImgInn, you can scroll through a heap of preloaded videos and choose your favorite one. Also, you can enjoy that clip in full-screen mode if you want. Moreover, you can look at more extensive video clips at your convenience. 

You can download a video or photo from other Instagram accounts. And, it would help if you keep an eye on this app for more updated features.

Is Using Imaginn A Risk?

Because a third party manages ImgInn, we cannot provide definitive answers. If you are browsing this site out of concern for your online safety, please be aware that ImgInn nor we can guarantee your security while you are online.

As a third party handles it, neither ImgInn itself nor we can give users a guarantee about security. The Instagram Public API provides an outsider with access to the features. But, still, there needs to be a solid reason to prove this API provides secured access. Also, this Public API leverages the features of the actual open. 

One should use a trustable VPN to prohibit unauthorized access to your accounts because VPN can be a savior and prevent high risk while browsing. So, whenever you have a VPN, make sure that that should be highly-recommendable with lots of valuable services. It will make your profile access private and no one will be able to trace you directly. 

Top 3 Imginn Alternatives That You Must Try


From Glassgram, you will get some exclusive features unavailable on other pages. This app allows users to locate their respective Instagram accounts. Also, it consists of many different parts yet to be introduced. Moreover, this Glassgram is very useful for new users and beginners to access all essential features of Instagram. 


Smihub acts similarly to Imginn, with numerous active features. Along with viewing stories, you can also download photos and videos from Instagram profiles.

Features on this app are free and you do not need to spend any money. Smihub will help you to increase your Instagram followers.


QoobStories is a chest of unique features that come with very few websites. Also, this app will give you that key to access Instagram stories if you want to check out any private or public account.


When you access real-time updated consumer data, you can tailor each project and share it with the audience according to their interests.

You can also download and watch high-quality videos from anonymous profiles. It will help you get more information for your marketing growth. Additionally, it will help you to gather stories on a single page and catch up on other information.

Hope this helps, bye! 

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