PCiCloud Alternative for iPhone/iPad/iPod

iCloud Alternative for iPhone/iPad/iPod

If you have had enough of the shortcomings of iCloud, you may be eager for an iCloud alternative for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Here in this guide, you can get one of the best iCloud alternatives to manage your data on iDevices.

Why do you want an iCloud alternative for iPhone?

First, let’s discuss why you want an iCloud alternative for your iOS devices. You may be keen to explore the iCloud alternative for a variety of reasons. The most prevalent explanations are listed below. If any of these relate to your situation, this guide is worth reading for you.

For the backup function of iCloud

The biggest demerit of iCloud is that it has only 5GB of free storage space to save backup files. Besides, iCloud doesn’t allow you to choose specific data to backup to iCloud. You have no clue whether your data has been backed up or not.

For the file-sharing function of iCloud

The sync function of iCloud cannot transfer specific data. What’s more, you cannot transfer data between devices with different Apple IDs. You can only share files online between iDevices signed in the same Apple ID only.

The best iCloud alternative for iPhone – AOMEI MBackupper

Here FoneTool, the professional tool for iOS data backup and transfer, is strongly recommended. It is one of the best iCloud alternatives for iOS devices, which can meet kinds of your backup and transfer needs.

Function 1. Backup iPhone fully or selectively

As professional iPhone backup software, AOMEI MBackupper provides you with two backup options: Full Backup and Custom Backup. The Full Backup option literally backups everything on your iPhone, whereas the Custom Backup function allows you to backup selective files from iPhone to PC.

Compared with iCloud, AOMEI MBackupper has got

Unlimited storage space. You can choose to save the backup files to any local folders on the computer, external hard drives, NAS, and so on.

Preview and selective backup process. With AOMEI MBackupper, you can browse all files on your iPhone and choose the wanted files to backup to computer in an incremental way.

Offline and fast backup task. Without network influence, it just takes you 3 seconds to backup 100 photos after a few clicks.

Three steps to backup iPhone selectively

Step 1. Plug in your iPhone to computer > Open AOMEI MBackupper and click Custom Backup (or Photos Backup to backup photos only).


Step 2. Check each icon to preview all relative files on your iPhone, and select the files you’d like to backup to computer > Click OK to confirm.


Step 3. Choose a destination to save the backup files (local folders, USB, NAS, etc.) > Click Start Backup to begin the task.


How can you view the backup files after the backup is complete? Just click Back to go to the Backup Management screen to browse, restore, and delete the backup.


Function 2. Share files between iOS devices and Windows PC

AOMEI MBackupper is not only an alternative to iCloud for iPhone backup, but it is also a useful iPhone transfer tool for sharing data between iOS devices and your Windows PC.

AOMEI MBackupper can give you a hand when you intend to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to computer, and vice versa. Besides, AOMEI MBackupper enables and simplifies the data transfer between different Apple IDs.

For better illustration, let’s take transferring music from iPhone A to iPhone B as an example.

Step 1. Connect iPhone A to computer with USB > Launch AOMEI MBackupper and click Transfer to Computer.


Step 2. Check the Music icon to select the music you’d like to transfer (Purchased and non-purchased music are both allowed) > Click OK to continue.


Step 3. Choose a storage path to save the music > Click Transfer to begin.


Step 4. Unplug iPhone A and plug iPhone B into the computer > Click Transfer to iPhone from its main interface.


Step 5. Add the music to the box by dragging and dropping or clicking the plus icon > Click Transfer to make it.



To summarize, AOMEI MBackupper is more than just an iCloud alternative for iPhone, and there are many additional features waiting for you to discover. If you find this guide useful, please share it with others.

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