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How To View The Facebook Profiles Of People You Are Not Friends With

Most of us have experienced it. “Is there a list of users who viewed my profile?” or “list of users who viewed my profile on Facebook” are presumably searches you’ve done on Google. Regretfully, most of these articles will inform you that no official list or measure exists that records such. Facebook has even said it does not let users or other apps track users this way.

But there’s a way to determine who has looked at your profile. Now, let’s examine the possible signs of someone looking at a profile. In addition, we’ll demonstrate how to see your Facebook page for businesses and other groups so you can identify your most devoted followers. All set?

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How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else

The “View As” option on Facebook makes viewing your profile as someone else simple. You may use this function to view how your profile appears to particular friends or the whole public. Using this tool, you may ensure that the information is exposed to others and that your privacy settings are set appropriately.

You may share posts on Facebook with friends, the world at large, with just you, and with many more options. Your posts are visible to everyone if they are public. Use Facebook’s View As function to view how your profile appears to non-friends on social media.

How do you view your Facebook profile as someone else on a computer?

Step 1: Use your browser to access the Facebook website and sign into your account.

How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else

Step 2: To access your Facebook page, click the Your profile symbol in the upper left corner again.

Step 3: Select View As from the pop-up menu by clicking the three dots under Edit profile.

How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else

Step 4: You can see your profile as a guest. You may filter posts by year and month by clicking the Filters button next to the post.

Step 5: Click Exit View As in the upper right corner to go out.

How do you see what your Facebook profile looks like to others on Android/iPhone/iPad?

Using the Facebook mobile app, you may also view how outsiders perceive your Facebook profile. The procedure is as follows.

How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else

Step 1: To access your profile page, open the Facebook app and hit the profile button.

Step 2: Press the symbol with three dots.

Step 3: On the profile settings screen, select View as. All content that the public can see will appear after that.

How do you see who viewed your Facebook profile?

How to View Your Facebook Profile as Someone Else

Sadly, no function on Facebook lets users know who has visited their profile. Despite multiple claims and deceptive schemes to the contrary, Facebook’s privacy policy expressly forbids this kind of capability. Therefore, it’s probably a fraud or a scam if you come across any applications or websites that make this claim. Using caution and safeguarding your personal data when utilizing social networking sites is crucial.

Before responding to this question, you should find out whether Facebook will reveal who has visited your profile.

No, users cannot follow who visits their profiles on Facebook. Furthermore, there are no third-party apps available that allow users to see who has seen their profiles. As a result, you cannot see who has looked at your Facebook page.


Using the Facebook View As feature, you can quickly tell people what your Facebook profile page looks like to people who are not your friends. However, you can’t view your Facebook profile as a specific individual.

Users cannot determine who has viewed their profile identically due to this restriction in privacy settings. Facebook does not share this information, while some social networking sites could. Facebook’s inability to trace profile visits protects user privacy by averting potential stalking and unwanted attention. Furthermore, your inability to access your profile as a particular person highlights how crucial it is to preserve your privacy on the site. Facebook protects user privacy by withholding details on profile visits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find out who has seen your profile on Facebook?

No, individuals cannot see who has seen their profile on Facebook. Additionally, these details are not provided by Facebook-affiliated third-party apps.

How can you view someone else’s Facebook profile without their knowledge?

You may peek at someone’s profile without their knowledge because Facebook does not allow users to see who has visited their profile.

How can I view how the public sees my Facebook profile?

Click the settings icon in the right-hand corner of your Facebook profile page. To view as a visitor, choose “View As…” from the drop-down menu that displays.

Is looking at someone’s Facebook page against the law?

No, looking at someone’s Facebook profile is not prohibited. Simply said, social media is sociable. Persistently looking at someone’s profile is not harassment.

Can you view the Facebook profiles you’ve viewed?

Go to your Activity Log to see the profiles you have visited. You can then narrow down the selections to see search results. You may remove them so that no one considers these results.

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