MarketingHow to Use Facebook Stories for Business?

How to Use Facebook Stories for Business?

Do you wonder how to use Facebook stories for business? We are back with another post to inform you about using your Facebook stories for business.

Social media features that are not used by many features can be a great opportunity. You can scale your business by using those features. The Facebook story is a similar feature. Facebook stories allow you to share your content which disappears after 24 hours.

Why Facebook Stories?

Facebook Stories feature has become essential in terms of brand promotion. Business owners use it to promote their business and get sales. You can use it to scale your business brand to get a high number of sales. Considering this demand of Facebook promotion, launched services for Facebook page likes and followers, posts likes and profile followers.

Facebook stories are essential for promoting your business to a massive audience. The number of Facebook stories users is almost 500 million. It is a massive audience where you can promote your business. 

Therefore, Facebook stories are really helpful in growing your business. 

Tips to Use Facebook Stories for Business

Facebook stories feature in getting audience engagement. It is easily accessible, which helps the audience know about your products. Here are a few tips for using Facebook stories for business.

  1. Choose the Right Type of Facebook Story

You have the option to choose from different kinds of content types while uploading a story. You have to select the option that is suitable for your brand. 

Moreover, you can select from the following formats and tools.


It allows you to share the content from your phone.


It allows you to take bursts of photos and use them as animation.


It allows you to create text-based stories.


It allows you to post multiple photos in different grids or college configurations.


 It allows you to zoom in on a particular subject.


It allows you to create a viewer’s poll between two topics.

  1. Post Creative Content

The second tip is to customize your content. As on Instagram, people create and post high-quality and attractive content to engage with people and get more likes. You can play with the tools and formats and make your content creation. Moreover, you can also use multiple add ons before posting the story. Apart from these time and budget consuming organic techniques, you can straightly pay for likes. The only factors to keep in mind is always choosing a best place to buy likes which is safe and trusted.

You can select from the following add ons to make your story look creative. 


You can add multiple stickers to your Facebook story. You can use both static and animated stickers according to your story demand. 

Furthermore, you can also include music and Gifs in your story. You should also share events, conduct polls, or ask questions to engage them.


You can also add captions to your Facebook story. It helps you to engage the audience and get feedback.  

Animated effects

You can add animated effects to make a story, such as bounce, slide, zoom in and zoom out. 

  1. Add Custom Links and Buttons

Add custom links and buttons in your Facebook story to make your audience take action. You can add several call-to-action buttons by tapping on the link icon.  

Moreover, you should encourage people to take actions like a book now, shop now, get directions, etc. It helps in building a state of urgency in the audience’s mind.  

Furthermore, you will get a massive number of sales this way. 

  1. Make Engaging Stories

You should use several methods to make your story look engaging. Facebook stories draw a massive audience. 

Therefore, you have to take advantage of those 24 hours. Create a state of urgency among your audience. Make them take action.  Try to make maximum people like your business page. To bypass this hustle, you can buy Facebook likes UK from a trusted Facebook marketing agency

Moreover, you should create polls and voting stickers. It also engages the audience and promotes your business. 

Furthermore, you can create a limited-time offer for 24 hours. It will help you get sales through Facebook stories. 

  1. Share Third-Party Content to Stories

You should make your stories engaging and relevant. For this, you can also use relevant third-party content in your Facebook stories. You can share a post into your stories by clicking on the “share” button next to the post. 

  1. Track Your Story Performance

An essential tip is to keep track of your stories’ performance. Always look for improvement in making Facebook stories. Analizy what kind of stories your audience likes the most. Moreover, it would be best if you also implemented your learnings. If you come to know about a point that can make your stories interesting, then go for it.  

Tracking will help you improve your performance on Facebook.  

The benefit of Using Facebook Stories


Facebook stories can help you get massive sales if you use them properly. They help in brand awareness and building a successful business.  

You can use several tools to make them interesting. Moreover, you can also use stories for a limited-time discount which boosts sales. 

Therefore, Facebook stories are essential for making a successful business brand. 

Final Words

Almost 500 million people use Facebook stories daily. This massive number of audience members can help make your brand successful.  

We hope to have delivered enough information about using Facebook Stories for business. You may use the tips to stand out among your competitors. 

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