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How to Start Your Own Radio Show

Do you have the heart to reach people wherever the need exists? Do you feel that you are doing your part in your local community, but God wants you to do more? Have you ever felt that God wanted you to reach more people on a radio show? Have

Back in 2010, I had made hundreds of guest appearances on radio shows, but I never dreamed that I might be able to have my own radio show. Then I learned about Internet radio.

Internet radio has changed everything. You don't have to have a huge budget to start a radio ministry. You don't have to have the backing of a big church to start a radio ministry.

The Internet has leveled the playing field so anyone can have their own radio talk show ministry online. And “anyone” includes you!

In this article, I will give you a quick lesson in the basics of Internet radio ministry. Most of the mechanics of starting a Christian Internet show for a gospel radio station are the same as the mechanics for starting an Internet radio show around a secular theme, except for one important difference I will mention at the end.

First, resolve to move forward even before you are 100% perfect.

If you have never hosted a radio show before, I will let you in on a secret:

Nobody has a perfect performance on their first show.

And many of us feel the need for an extra helping of grace even after our 700th show.

The creative process behind every Christian radio show is just that, a process. Don't try to force a professional performance the first time you get behind a mike (more about mikes in a moment). Just allow your show to unfold and remember it's not all about you. It's about what the Lord is doing through you and around you to bless the people who listen to your show.

Choose a memorable title for your show.

Once you have resolved that you have made a commitment to the Internet radio ministry, your next step is to choose a memorable name for your programming. It's OK to use your own name in the title of your show. It's OK to use your name and the name of your co-host, if you are both committed to making regular appearances on the show, and helping your show reach its potential for witness.

It's also a good idea for your show's name to be bold and memorable. For instance, I know a former Hell's Angel who started a program called Biker Bob Meets Jesus. That's a memorable title. It also conveys a Christian message that is consistent with the content of the show. I counsel against shocking listeners for the sake of shocking listeners, but it's a good idea to convey the idea that your radio ministry is the “real deal.”

Next, don't hesitate to enlist help in presenting your show.

The first time you are behind the microphone of your very own show, you may feel very alone. After all, it's just you speaking. You may have a call-in number, but if nobody (and we mean nobody, since it's your first show) has ever heard you before, chances are that you will have to fill the airtime with your own voice. No long pauses. No ‘uh's’ or ‘and's’ or hesitancy.

OK, your goal should be no radio silence during your first show, but the fact is, even experienced speakers are often at a loss to know what to say. So, get help!

A cohost, an announcer, or a second on-air personality can make a huge difference in the flow of your show. Two (or three) heads really are better than one. As long as you are all in the same place in doctrine and in your understanding of God's world, having someone to bounce your ideas off, live, on the air, makes a huge difference in how smoothly your first show will run. But make it clear from the beginning that it's your show unless you have an explicit understanding otherwise.

Be ready to incorporate a video presence into your radio ministry.

Thousands of Internet radio broadcasters simulcast on Facebook and YouTube. They offer a face-to-face view of the speaker on the radio show, which will be you. Some people will just listen to your show, but some people will want to see you speak. The ability to generate captions for your program helps you reach an even wider audience, and Google will be on your side, because they make it easier to find “accessible” programming in search rankings.

Be accountable to God with your radio ministry.

There are three things about the impact of your show that you can count on:

Some people will react to your sharing of the Word positively. Some people will react to your sharing of the Word negatively. And most people won't react to you at all.

Remember what I said earlier: It's not all about you. God could be using all of your efforts to reach just one person. Or God could use your Internet radio presence to reach thousands of people that you will not get a chance to meet in this lifetime. And whatever God's plan turns out to be, don't you want to be on board?

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