CasinoHow to Start Streaming on Twitch or Youtube

How to Start Streaming on Twitch or Youtube

A streamer is a person who broadcasts on the Internet. In the field of gambling, this is a casino player who entertains the audience and shows various interesting tricks while gambling. 

Many do not understand why watch streams when it is more interesting to play by yourself. However, streamers help beginners to navigate an unknown game and to learn effective game techniques from a professional. Therefore, it is crucial to find the best casino streamers to follow and watch.

How to become a casino streamer

Before starting a streaming career, think about why you need it and what new and useful things you can teach the audience. If you plan to monetize the channel, you need to think over some kind of strategy:

  1. Select a game. Choose a recently released game or a gaming hit of the current year. The main thing is that you really understand the process of playing this casino game. So, it is crucial to be well-versed in playing a chosen game before you start streaming.
  2. Determine the frequency. Broadcasting once a month is not enough. You will have to play regularly and for many hours so that people do not have the question every time: “Who is this?” Professional gamblers stream almost daily and stay in front of the computer for 6 to 12 hours. Combining streaming with studies or a full-time job will not work if you want to really succeed in this niche. 
  3. Start at the same time. Gradually, the audience will get used to the fact that you can be caught online at a specific time. Publish announcements on the channel and on social networks so that users have time to free up time for watching.
  4. Review site requirements. Censorship and attention to appearance are important, but each service has its own idea of ​​normality. YouTube live streaming requirements are set out in the Community Guidelines. Twitch has developed a whole camp where you can learn the basics of streaming, tips on creating a channel, and ways to monetize it.

What equipment does a streamer need?

The site was chosen, the game was mastered, and the frequency of live broadcasts was determined. It’s time to make sure that it is comfortable not only for you but also for the viewer. Give people a good picture and high-quality sound, a stable connection to the server, and the opportunity to get feedback from you. What is needed for this?

A computer or even two. It is ideal to have two PCs. One for streaming and transferring a picture, and the second one for playing. If you have an assistant, he/she will use the second computer to moderate the air and transfer questions from the chat. For casino games, one medium-sized computer with an Intel i3 processor and 4 GB of RAM is enough.

You will also need:

  • Monitors,
  • Camera and a microphone,
  • Software.

So, streaming requires thorough preparation. Therefore, think if you are ready for such a costly investment and time-consuming process.

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