Health and FitnessHow to Sleep After Botox Injections? Top 9 Post-Botox Instructions

How to Sleep After Botox Injections? Top 9 Post-Botox Instructions

Botox treatment is one of the most popular aesthetic medicine procedures these days. With its help, thousands of people worldwide maintain their youthful appearance in a safe, effective, and long-lasting manner.

Despite the fact that Botox injections require neither special preparation nor downtime, there are several post-Botox instructions that have to be followed attentively.

The below-mentioned article features the top 9 rules of how to sleep after undergoing an injection of Botox. Check them out attentively to maximize the best possible Botox results and minimize the risk of unwanted complications!


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What Is Botox?

Botox is a brand of injectable products based on botulinum toxin. It is produced by Allergan, a global pharmaceutical corporation that combines experience and technology in the manufacturing process.

Due to the fact that botulinum toxin might be used for both medical and cosmetic purposes, there exists medical and cosmetic Botox. In this article, however, we will primarily deal with the latter one.

The main cosmetic purpose of Botox is to rejuvenate a patient’s skin by getting rid of dynamic wrinkles that appear as a result of an overactive facial expression. They are:

  • Crow’s feet;
  • Nasolabial folds;
  • Marionette lines;
  • Wrinkles on the upper forehead;
  • And so on.


Medical purposes of Botox injections include treatments of such health problems as neck pain, overactive bladder, lazy eye, excessive sweating, migraine, and other conditions related to muscle contraction.

What Are the Rules of Botox Aftercare?

Under normal circumstances, Botox aftercare is pretty simple. Namely, a patient should adhere to the following rules for at least the first twenty-four hours after botulinum toxin skin treatments:

  • Evade sources of excessive heat (for instance, hot showers, baths, or saunas);
  • Do not exercise strenuously (since it might increase your blood pressure);
  • Stay away from direct sunlight and apply a sunscreen cream to targeted areas of the treatment);
  • Avoid alcohol;
  • Do not use any makeup around the injection site;
  • Bypass strong facial massages in the area of the treatment;
  • Gently wash the zone of the injection with clean water;
  • Apply an ice pack to the injection site in case of feeling pain or skin irritation;
  • Keep your head elevated for the whole day (minimum four hours) before going to sleep;
  • Follow simple sleeping instructions.


The above-mentioned rules are important because Botox requires time to settle. By means of paying attention to them, you will maximize the effect of the treatment and minimize the risk of uneven results.

How to Sleep After Getting Botox?

Below, you will find a list of the top 9 sleeping rules after having Botox injected beneath your skin. They should be followed for at least a week after the Botox treatment.

Rule #1. Sleep Flat on Your Back

Your sleeping position is the first thing that has to be taken into account if your skin treatment procedure involved the injection of Botox. So, try your best to remain on your back while sleeping. This way, you will prevent Botox from migrating to other areas of your face (not the ones to which it was injected).

Rule #2. Use Pillows to Anchor Yourself

The usage of pillows is supposed to help you to remain on your back while sleeping. Namely, place several pillows next to your shoulders and hips in order to prevent yourself from rolling from your back to your belly during the night.

Rule #3. Employ a Neck Pillow

You might also employ a neck pillow to maintain a steady position during your sleeping hours. By means of keeping a stable neck posture, you will be able to relax on your back for the whole night after having Botox injected into your facial muscles.

Rule #4. Use Breathable Bed Linens

A golden rule to keep your facial skin healthy is to make sure that your bed linens (especially pillowcases) are soft, clean, and breathable. This way, you will prevent your skin from getting irritated, which is of the highest importance after the Botox treatment.

Rule #5. Change Your Bed Linens Regularly

Do not forget to change your bed linens regularly. A great number of dermatologists recommend waiting no more than one week to get freshly washed linens. Believe us or not, your skin will say “thank you” (especially after Botox injections).

Rule #6. Avoid Sleeping Headbands

Moreover, avoid wearing headbands while sleeping as a part of your Botox aftercare. The pressure they have on the skin might spoil your Botox results. Thus, wait at least one week after the injection of botulinum toxin before getting back to your sleeping headband.

Rule #7. Do Not Use a Night Mask for Face

It is recommended not to use any facials (such as creams, serums, or gels) for at least twenty-four hours after the Botox treatment. To allow botulinum toxin to settle even better, try to avoid the application of your usual night mask before going to sleep for several days after the procedure.

Rule #8. Close Your Curtains Before Going to Sleep

Furthermore, try to avoid lots of direct sun exposure while Botox is taking its time to settle around your facial muscles. To do so, close your curtains before going to sleep. This way, you will protect your skin from the possible morning sunlight.

Rule #9. Have Good Dreams!

Last but not least, have good dreams! Remember, positive emotions have a great effect on your mood, health, and skin! Therefore, lay down with optimistic thoughts when going to sleep. Believe us or not, this rule is just as important as all the previous ones!

Final Words

All in all, the Botox treatment is a minimally-invasive procedure that causes little to no downtime. However, adherence to the above-mentioned post-Botox sleeping instructions will help you to achieve the best results! So, make sure to follow them attentively and stay healthy!


Botox injections are intended for professional use. Therefore, they should be performed only by certified healthcare providers with valid medical licenses.

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