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How to Select a Food Delivery Service

Food delivery services can be a great way to get food delivered right to your front door without having to go out and get it. Plus, it allows companies that may not be able to create their own delivery services to send their food out to patrons who want to get their food but aren’t interested in picking it up themselves. However, in the sea of food delivery services available, it can be tough to choose a specific service that works best for your needs. Here are four things to keep in mind when selecting a food delivery service.

1. Restaurants Signed Up

The first thing to look at is what restaurants are signed up with a specific food delivery service. Different restaurants may choose to have their food go through a specific delivery service; for example, McDonald’s provides its delivery primarily through Uber Eats, although you can get it delivered through other partners as well. Looking at some of your favorite restaurants’ websites and seeing who they deliver through can be helpful.

2. Extra Fees and Costs

Next, look at any extra fees and costs that might be added to the food delivery process. There are many potential fees and additional costs that you might have to pay when it comes to food delivery, and many people are okay with paying these extra fees. However, some delivery services may charge more fees on average than others, which is why it’s a good idea to check out these extra fees and look through lists of best food delivery services before you sign up for a specific service.

3. Availability in Your Area

Most food delivery companies have pretty wide availability, but if you live in a smaller city or you’re trying to sign up for a more specialized food delivery service, you may not have availability from a specific company in your area. The best way to make sure a company has availability in your area is simply to look it up. Search for the delivery company name plus the name of your city, and you should quickly find out whether it’s available locally.

4. Introductory Coupons

One of the most important things to consider, especially if you’re signing up for a new food delivery service, is any introductory coupons and promo codes that a company may give you as an incentive for signing up. When you’re looking for a GrubHub promo code, for example, you’ll likely find the best promo codes available to brand-new users. If a specific food delivery service has an impressive introductory coupon, you may want to use that one first.


There are many food delivery services out there, and finding the best one is partially a matter of personal preference, partially a matter of where you’re located, and partially a matter of fees, service options, and other individual payment concerns. However, with these four components in mind, you can select your next food delivery service much more easily.

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