HowToHow To Quit Drinking Without Going To Rehab

How To Quit Drinking Without Going To Rehab

Death and injury due to the harmful use of alcohol are becoming common problems in this contemporary world. Almost 5.3% of all deaths on this planet happen due to alcoholic reasons. So, the discussion of alcohol will also be interesting and upsetting. 

We like to feel the way alcohol manipulates our senses. But that triggers our memories and thinking process. The more you dig into the alcoholic world, the more you understand its problems and issues. 

Worldwide almost 3 billion people die every year due to alcoholic reasons. So, this is a matter of concern for those people who consume alcohol and for their family members. Well, other people are not safe as well. 

For instance, driving under the influence causes hundreds of deaths on the road. So, it's time to quit alcohol and live a life worth living. 

However, people do not always want to go to rehab to treat their alcoholic addiction. Well, going to rehab is a matter of humiliation for them. Or sometimes, they want to get a DIY process. 

Here we will discuss the self-processes that can help you quit alcohol easily.

Problems Due To Alcohol Consumption

Before you find the solutions to quit alcohol with ease, you need to understand the negative aspects of consuming alcohol. If you do not understand the reason to quit alcohol, you will not try your best to quit it. 

This also deals with the mental aspects; thus, you need to be firm with the reasons. 

  • Consuming alcohol in a continuous routine may increase your memory problems. For instance, you might not be able to remember things as you did before.
  • Alcohol consumption is a major reason for increasing depression and anxiety.
  • Conflict in life, including disagreement with others, and also you might find problems in your love life. 
  • Additionally, digestive issues are common with alcohol consumption.

So, there are too many reasons to take an indefinite break from alcohol. 

Ways To Quit Drinking Without Going To Rehabs

A formal treatment program is not a cup of tea for all. You know you want to quit alcohol, but not in a formal procedure. If that is your plan, don't worry!

You are not alone!

Well, many people consider a systematic program to quit alcohol but not everyone is comfortable with rehabs. However, DIY alcoholism recovery is possible through these below mentioned-steps.

Try Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is a prominent solution group for alcoholics. Well, the target of people who come under AA is the same: they all want to quit alcohol. 

This is the place where people who are trying to quit alcohol gather and discuss their problems and decisions. This is a support group that helps you to be firm with your commitment. Well, there is no doctor or expert available in this place. 

All you see are the faces and words of people of the same condition. So, it's time to quit alcohol by joining them and discussing your issues with them. It will help you to be mentally prepared and find solutions with ease. 

Try Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks can be a lifesaver for you in such situations. Well, quitting alcohol is never easy, especially when you have already tasted it and are already into it. 

After a certain time, drinking becomes a primary habit when you need to put drops in your throat regularly. 

This is a serious condition, and in such situations, being dry throats for a long time is almost impossible for an alcoholic person.

So, learn more about non-alcoholic wine to get rid of thirst. A night with these non-alcoholic red wines can be your perfect night without a hangover. 

Get Surrounded Socially

Social surroundings are important in such cases. You can be an introvert who does not like gathering and people talking. Moreover, some people get into social anxiety due to excessive alcohol consumption. 

Well, in life, we all deal with our own problems. Thinking that your problem is more severe than others can never be a reason to consume alcohol. Well, if you consider social surroundings, this simple choice can help you get out of alcohol. 

Sometimes people consume alcohol due to their loneliness. But in this busy life, no one is going to give you time unless you go to them. So, social strategy is a big one to consider this time. 

Taper Drinking Slowly

People think that they can quit alcohol instantly. But this is not as easy as you think. When you are into it, your mind and body are also into it. So, getting out of it is only possible with a slow process. 

So, instead of going cold turkey, it's better to diminish the habit slowly. 

Try to reduce your alcohol consumption slowly, and then try to increase the gap, and after a few months, you will realize that it was not a problem to quit alcohol. 

Explore New Passions And Hobbies

If you think that your life has no new purpose, then give it a purpose. Think of the things that you always wanted to do but never happened due to lack of time or budget. 

Well, it's not always about going expensive, but there are some hobbies or new passions you can discover or rediscover in life to get into it fully. If you find your purpose, you will find it more interesting than consuming alcohol. 

So, it's time to go for better habits. 

If you do not have time, how can you be able to consume alcohol?

Think of it and give this time to your new hobbies.

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Consider Medications

There are some FDA-approved medications that may help you decrease cravings for alcohol.

  • Naltrexone.
  • Acamprosate.
  • Naltrexone-ER.
  • Disulfiram.

Consult with your doctor and then go for these medications. You will find it easy for alcohol cessation. 

Apart from that, try meditation every day; it will help you get rid of your unsettling and scattered life. When people are compact with their life, they do not need alcohol. But often, you will see a scattered person addicted to alcohol. 

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