HowToHow to print a wine label that stands out? - 8 Tips

How to print a wine label that stands out? – 8 Tips

Many wine options are available in stores, and consumers must choose from various choices. The label on the bottle plays a key role in making this crucial decision. This is especially true for young wine buyers and those making their first brand purchases. The wine label gives valuable information about the wine’s taste, origin, price, and occasion. The right title will attract the attention of your target customer. It will make them feel good and motivate them to buy your wine.

Learn more about your many options for printing wine labels unique to your brand.

While we aren’t designers, we know some things our customers use to make outstanding labels.

1. Personalisation – Customised label solutions

Wine label printing has revolutionized the way we communicate with customers. It offers personalization unlike any other. Digital personalization is flexible and fast and can be used for small- to medium-sized high-quality printing runs. Two main types of personalization are available:

Variable components can be randomly printed in a label design or through a database. This includes text, images, and barcodes, e.g., Each label should have a unique number or name.

Hally Personalisation is a software program exclusive to the HP Indigo presses. It allows you to create endless designs from scratch.

Personalization can be a powerful way to differentiate your product in the market and create strong emotional connections with consumers.

2. You can show off your accomplishments with medal labels

Wine consumers can use wine medal labels to help them shop and communicate the quality of their wine. These labels can be used separately for one or more medals or included in your main label design. Trust and authenticity are key factors in using metal labels. Follow industry guidelines such as the Australian Grape & Wine Industry Display of Awards Code of Practice.

3. Choose wisely when choosing embellishments

You can take your wine label to the next level by adding a few embellishments. Simple is often the best way to create a custom tag that stands out. It communicates elegance and classic style. It is possible to over-stylize your label with many elements and embellishments for handcrafted or quirky brands. Learn more about the different embellishment options.

Specialty material uncoated with high build screen, embossing

Next, enhance your label with a variety of finishing and embellishment options.

4. Embellishment – Create a tactile experience

Embellishment (or debossing), adds texture and prestige to wine labels by elevating (or lower!) a pattern or image from the label surface. This creates a tactile feeling and highlights certain design elements. Embellishment is especially effective on uncoated paper.

5. Foiling – An elegant finish

Foiling creates a luxurious, premium effect that complements the label design and communicates quality. Foiling gives your label a unique finish by giving it a metallic shine and reflecting depth. We can use either hot or cold foil, depending on what we want. Sometimes, no foil is needed at all. In these cases, a metalized material might be better. Foils come in many colors and designs, including holographic patterns.

Texture Foil, a creative embellishment that combines the best of foil and embossing to create a raised and texture foil effect, is stunning.

6. High Builds – Highlight your design

High-build coatings create a premium, tactile effect that highlights key design elements. These coatings can create a raised, precise, or colored surface on wine labels, such as your logo or variety name. They can highlight a background with a matte finish and are very effective. They can also enhance the depth and richness of the selected design elements. Low, middle, high, or braille build options can be chosen.

7. Silk Screen – Simple but powerful

Silkscreens produce a controlled, smooth, consistent lay-down of opaque, high-density inks for selected design elements. This allows for excellent spot colors and is especially effective when used as a base color for printed pieces. Silkscreens produce bold colors that stand out from the label. The link also gives the screen a tactile, raised feel.

8. Flawless Finishes: Enhance and Protect Your Label

Finishes can not only protect your label against moisture and scuffing, but they can also improve their appearance. You can achieve a gloss or matte finish on most labels with either a coating or a laminate. A flood coating can be applied to the entire brand. We also can spot-coat an area of the design to make it stand out or create a pattern. Contrasting gloss and matte finishes can create a very striking look. There are several options for tactile coatings, including soft touch, texture, and sandpaper.

Wine label printers are as valuable as the quality of the wine it represents.TCS Digital Solutions is here to help ensure your market impact is noticeable by selecting the right printer. 

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