PetHow To Prevent Your Dog From Developing Cruciate Ligament Injuries

How To Prevent Your Dog From Developing Cruciate Ligament Injuries

Dogs love running and jumping around. As such, they have a heightened risk for knee injuries. A cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injury can severely affect your pup’s health. Here are practical tips to help you prevent cruciate ligament in a dog for a better life

Common Causes

Several aspects can increase your dog’s risk of experiencing CCL tears. These include conformation, being overweight, as well as, sudden movements. Dogs often suffer such injuries after jumping or turning quickly and awkwardly.


There are several ways through which your dog’s cranial cruciate ligament can get injured. To keep your pet safe and healthy, check out common symptoms throughout their life. Most pets will develop this condition at one point in their lives. It’s imperative to note that an ACL injury can make your dog vulnerable to other joint problems such as arthritis.

Here are common measures you can undertake to protect your dog against cruciate tears. These include:

Balanced Diet

Give them healthy food. Stick to a well-balanced diet. Make sure your dog’s food contains enough proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, as well as, essential oils such as Omega-3. Fish is highly rich in healthy oils that promote joint development. Proteins don’t just aid muscle growth but they’re also effective at repairing body tissues.

Enrich your dog’s diet with essential nutrients. This won’t just protect them against knee or hip joint injuries, but it’ll also go a long way in boosting their overall health.

Regular Exercise

Help your dog to exercise. This will ensure that their muscles are strong and flexible. Take them for morning and evening walks. Bigger pets need more exercise than their smaller counterparts. So if your pet has a bigger body size, be sure to exercise them often. Be mindful of how you feed them. Don’t allow them to overeat. Otherwise, they may suffer frequent injuries.

Weekend Warrior Syndrome

Don’t overwork your dog during weekends. If you’re always busy during the week, avoid going for strenuous runs over the weekend. While this might look like a good approach to spending quality time with your pet, it can sometimes turn out to be harmful.

Essentially, your dog’s exercising should remain consistent. Otherwise, they might get injured due to extra stress. Even if you have a busy schedule, try as much as you can to keep your dog exercising consistently.

Body Weight

According to clinical studies, heavier dogs have an increased risk for cruciate ligament injuries. And this is mainly because of the increased pressure exerted on their knee joints when moving. To protect your pet from such kinds of damage, it’s imperative to be watchful of their weight. Pay close attention to what they eat.

The Bottom-Line

Your dog is a valuable companion. They deserve to be happy and comfortable. So, be sure to protect them. Most dogs are vulnerable to knee injuries. But the good news is that such accidents can always be prevented. Watch their weight. Give them a balanced diet. Exercise them regularly. 

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