HowToHow To Plan 1-Month Trip to UAE

How To Plan 1-Month Trip to UAE

The travel lovers know, UAE is one of the best destinations as it is connected several parts of the world. UAE is centrally located, that meaning reaching here is easy. However, the challenging part is, how to plan for a trip to UAE? Most of us wants an affordable and memorable tour because mostly, they rely on travel agencies or tour guides. We probably hear some nearby examples that they didn’t have a pleasant experience because these companies just offer the destinations offering huge discounts. However, there is no need to worry because we are here to discuss in detail in order to plan a customized tour to UAE. Let’s get started and find the best detail of your tour planning.

Plan your trip to UAE 

For an appropriate planning, there is a great need to some basic questions:

  • When you are travelling?
  • For how long you are travelling?
  • How to get visa?
  • Where you have to stay?
  • Where to go?
  •  How you can move around?

Along with this, another vital question is, budget because we calculate our budget first and then plan what can be fit in it.

When you are traveling?

If there is any opportunity to select when you are travelling, then it would be best to avoid the hot months. Although people travel all year but, in order to visit UAE, Nov- April are the best months. The top reasons to choose peak months for UAE visit are:

  • Dubai shopping festival
  • Good climate 
  • More attractions to visit

On the other hand, if you prefer May to October to visit, the perks are following:

  • Less crowd
  • Cheaper airfares
  • Cheaper accommodation in hotel

It is fascinating to know; you can hire yacht rental Abu Dhabi all year around. Book a yacht and enjoy yacht dinner to make your trip memorable for years.

For how long you are travelling?

If you are travelling just for relaxation or vacations, then 10 days are enough as well as affordable. Some travel operators also offer a week tours, for 15 day or even for a month. However, it is suggested not to select too long or too short duration, both options are hectic. If there is no worry of budget, you can extend your tour in order to cover more destinations. If your trip to UAE is beyond 15 day, you must have a day to relax yourself.

How to get visa?

It may look like an easy step but multiple options are available to you for obtaining a visa. You must do a proper research before travelling regarding rules and eligibility. Tour visa is the most common type of visa and you can easily apply for 30 or 90 days. Apply for your visa via reliable travel agent. However, if you are traveling via UAE Airlines, get your visa on your behalf. If we talk about the visa cost, it varies from country to country. The best thing about travel visa is, it’s extendable and citizens or Europe, US, and UK are more eligible for it. If you are travelling from Pakistan or India, it is suggested to prefer tour visa rather than visa on arrival.

Where you have to stay?

If you are planning for a month, ideally a week in Abu Dhabi is mandatory. Here you have these few options to stay:

  • Affordable hotels 
  • Service apartments
  • Luxury hotels 
  • Home stays  

You’ll get better options of accommodation in Dubai rather than Abu Dhabi. If you want affordable and service apartment in Dubai, Al Barsha and Bur Dubai are the best option for you. 

Where to go? 

If you are travelling UAE, public transport is the best option for you. The available travel option for Dubai and Abu Dhabi is Dubai Metro- the most convenient and reliable option.

  • Cabs are available- another economical option available 24/7
  • There is a great need to know, Dubai tram runs just in the area of Dubai Marina
  • Water taxi or ferry is the best ways for enjoying the skyline of Dubai. You can also hire yacht rental Dubai to reach Bluewaters island to enjoy Ain Dubai’s adventurous ride. Book your Ain Dubai tickets now to avoid any hustle.
  • Places that you cannot access through metro, public buses are another option
  • For a small distance travel, e-scooters are also available

Moreover, if you are travelling with small group of friends or with your family, car rental service with the driver would be the better option for you. In order to drive a car, there is a great need of driving license and you must be aware of all the rules, parking’s, speed limits, and left-hand driving. You can use a car rental service in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi. 

For Abu Dhabi

Within city, taxi is the most reliable. however, public buses are also available between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For small distance, e-scooters are quite popular in Abu Dhabi. In summer, it’s not a comfortable option.

Where to go

Let’s suppose you are traveling Abu Dhabi for a week, then where you must go? For this purpose, there is a great need to do complete research, understand your budget, and try to add activities above your interest.


It was all know need to know while planning your one-month trip to UAE. It was more focused on Abu Dhabi and Dubai as these cities are more popular to travel. However, one moth is enough to cover the major destinations of other Emirates- just more budget and mode of transportation is needed.

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