BlogHow To Mix Fire Cement?

How To Mix Fire Cement?

Mixing fire cement mainly means carefully combining fire cement with the right amount of water to attain a smooth consistency. If you’re not sure how to do it properly, step by step, this text is for you. Read on and learn how to mix fire cement!

How to mix fire cement step by step?

Combining the dry fire cement powder with water is a must if you need something to repair cracked or loose flue bricks, fire clay bricks or flue joints which are subject to extreme heat. You can also mix fire cement with sand to create a refractory mortar. Regardless of the purpose of use, mixing fire cement is quite easy – we have divided the process into stages. Let us guide you through this process.

Choose fire cement first

At the very beginning, you need to buy the best quality fire cement. What you require is a paste consistency material which consists of alumina, silica, clay, calcium aluminate and additives, and which can withstand high temperatures up to 1250 °C and is easy to use.

You need a heat-resistant product that sets rock hard when exposed to heat or at room temperature. In other words, you need a hard seal, which can be used on many surfaces, wherever there’s a high amount of heat. 

Prepare your working area

Make sure that your work area is clean. Ensure you have all the needed materials and tools ready. Read the instructions provided on the packaging of the chosen fire cement. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including a dust mask and gloves. Open up the cement bag. Put cement in the mixing container (preferably a clean bucket).

Add the right amount of water

Put some water to make it into a paste (more precisely, your goal is reaching a paste-like texture which adheres well). Bear in mind that contaminants in the water may affect the performance of the refractory cement, that’s why you need to use clean water. The amount of water to use depends on the specific product. Remember that formulations may vary – following the manufacturer’s instructions is crucial. You can usually find instructions on the fire cement packaging. They typically include details on the proper mixing procedure and the water-to-cement ratio.

Keep adding water gradually

Best start by adding small amounts of water to the dry mix. Then, gradually increase the amount of water until you get a desired, smooth consistency. Gradually is the key word, as you want to control the consistency and use appropriate amounts of water, neither too much nor too little. 

Keep mixing

You can mix dry ingredients with water manually (a trowel or paddle may come in handy) or in the mixing machine. Do it long enough to achieve the right consistency, and by the right consistency we mean a perfect paste-like texture with no lumps. If you find any, break them down and then continue mixing. It’s worth mentioning that placing plastic sheeting underneath the mixing area helps catch any spills. We recommend using it.

Avoid overmixing

If needed, add some water and cement in the meantime and blend it for a few more minutes. Avoid overmixing and excessive stirring, which could alter the properties of your fire cement. When it’s ready, you can finally use the mixture, for example if you want to seal joints and bond firebricks in the construction of the garden pizza oven. The ready mixture helps create a sealed environment over or around areas that are insulated with ceramic blanket. 


Mixing a fire cement is a process consisting of a few stages. They include equipping yourself with the right materials, preparing your working area, adding the right amount of water gradually, keeping mixing, but avoiding overmixing, and then applying it to the desired surface. Always remember to follow the curing guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the fire cement!

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